OLSP System Review: Including Results from Real Members

olsp system review
By William , Updated on February 17, 2023 in Category: Learn Affiliate Marketing

In this OLSP System Review we'll take a comprehensive look at this unique system created by Wayne Crowe of Traffic Domination. You'll learn exactly what it's all about, whether it's legit or a scam, how people are finding success with it, as well as some other insights.


The aim of the OLSP System is to allow you to generate a source of income online, but without having to worry about typical challenges such as having little or no money to invest, or not being comfortable with selling to people.

If you're new to affiliate marketing and making money online, have a limited budget, or you're not comfortable with selling to people, but want to learn and start earning fast, then OLSP comes highly recommended.

Luckily, in this OLSP System review we dive deep into the OSLP platform, so you can decide if it's for you, and understand how to go about starting and earning money with the system.

Review Summary

  • Product Name: The OLSP System
  • Quick Description: A system that allows you to earn affiliate commissions by simply inviting people to join a private Facebook Group. It also provides free online training on affiliate marketing, list building and traffic generation
  • Price: It's FREE to join. Click here to join now.
  • Who Is It For: Anyone looking for a relatively simple way to earn money online through affiliate marketing

Quality of Training

There's a tremendous amount of comprehensive training via online videos on affiliate marketing, list building and traffic generation

Ease of Implementation

Implementation is very easy... you essentially just have to encourage people to join the FB Group... All the marketing and otherwise that earns you commissions is done for you.

Student Support

You can get help from within the Facebook group or via the support desk.


OLSP System is free to join.. that's hard to beat!

Overall Rating: 4.5/5


  • It's a simple and legitimate way to earn money online, by just inviting people to join the Traffic Domination Facebook Group.
  • It also provides access to online training videos. The video content is fairly good, and cover a comprehensive list of topics related to affiliate marketing, list building and traffic generation.
  • The OLSP system allows you to earn money on various products and programs that sell for as much as $5000.
  • The Facebook Group is an very active and a valuable resource for continuous help, support and motivation.
  • Based on numerous feedback from within the FB Group, members are finding a lot of success with this program.


  • The online training is mainly centered around promoting products created by Traffic Domination 


  1. Wayne Crowe's OLSP System is a simple way to earn money through affiliate marketing for free... you essentially just need to invite people to join the Traffic Domination Facebook Group.
  2. Joining is free, which is a great plus, and very hard to beat. This really lowers (or rather eliminates) the cost barrier for anyone wanting to make money online.
  3. The OLSP System also provides free online training on affiliate marketing, list building and traffic generation. The training is fairly good.
  4. If you want a source of online income but without the typical challenges of not having enough or no money to invest, not having the skills to sell , not having access to the necessary resources or not know how to create marketing funnels, then the OLSP System may be your answer.

It's FREE!

What Is The OLSP System?

OLSP stands for One Lead System Pixel. It's a system created by the Traffic Domination team, lead by long time internet marketer Wayne Crowe, who is best known as a solo ads provider. 

At the face of it, the OLSP System is promoted as a way for anyone to earn money online without having to deal with the typical challenges, such as:

  • having little or no money to invest
  • not having the skills required to sell online
  • not having access to the necessary resources
  • not knowing how to create funnels and do email marketing

The OLSP System achieves this by allowing you to earn affiliate commissions by simply inviting people to join the private Traffic Dominators Facebook Group.

How The OLSP System Works

The OLSP System tag line is "One Link To Rule Them All". The link they're talking about is the Mega Link.

And the way it works is that once you join the OLSP System you'll be given your mega link, which is really your unique affiliate link that you can use to invite people to join the Traffic Domination Facebook Group.

Once someone joins the Facebook group through your link, the system "follows" them (just as with any affiliate link) for an entire year (yup, 365 days).

While in the FB group, the people you refer to the group would be able learn about internet marketing, get help from other members, attend the weekly Q&A sessions, be part of periodic product launches and any other events that take place within the group.

And if they decide buy any of the products or services, or join any of the programs within the group, you earn commissions. There are products and programs ranging from $12 all the way up to $5000, and commissions are generally either 20% or 50% per sale!

But the OLSP System is much more than that... it's actually a platform consisting of several components, mainly:

  • The Traffic Domination Facebook Group - an exclusive FB group consisting of members of varying experience levels helping each other out.
  • The OLSP Members Dashboard - a members area that gives you access to your OLSP System mega link, the training videos, your affiliate statistics and other information and resources.
  • The Boot Camp - videos that show you everything you need to know about OLSP, and how to make the most of out it.
  • Online Training Videos - step-by-step videos about affiliate marketing, list building, traffic generation and the OLSP System itself.
  • TD (Traffic Domination) Products - several products created by the Traffic Domination team related to affiliate marketing, list building and traffic generation.

Here's an overview of the OLPS System, its components, and how it works.

OLSP System review - how OLSP works

Let's now dive deeper into each of these components...

The Traffic Domination Facebook Group

This private group is very active, and at the time of writing this review had over 137,000 members of varying experience levels in internet marketing, affiliate marketing, traffic generation, list building, etc. 

You'll see members posting often - asking questions about the training, asking for help to get something done or to better understand a strategy, highlighting their achievements, and encouraging/motivating other members, providing affiliate marketing tips, and just really helping each other out.

Wayne hosts weekly Q&A Sessions every Friday @ 2pm UTC, and there are regular product launches that you can be a part of, and earn affiliate commissions from.

It's a very good group to join for those times when you may get stuck with trying to figure something out related to internet marketing... just come to the group, post your question, and you're sure to get a response within minutes.

The OLSP Members Dashboard

The dashboard is where you get access to everything - your affiliate resources (to promote the OLSP System), the online training videos, products, notifications of upcoming training and launches, etc.

Let's take a quick look at some of the main things inside here...

Product Access

If you purchased any of the products in the Traffic Domination network, you'll be able to access them here.

Getting Started

This is a video with a welcome message from Wayne Crowe and an explanation of how the OLSP System works.

Training Units

These are the online training videos about affiliate marketing, listing building, traffic generation and the OLSP system... We'll have a look at this in more detail below.

Growth Hacks
Growth Hacks is a way of making it easier for you to build your email list, get members into the OLSP System and earn commission more regularly. They are are essentially done-for-you (DFY) funnels consisting of:

  • lead magnets to attract targeted leads
  • high-converting opt-in pages to capture leads
  • follow-up system to nurture your leads
  • products to monetize your list

Traffic Toolbox
This is a rolodex of software for getting fast and automated traffic to your affiliate offers, namely:

  • Content Gorilla - You get a full blog developed for you (including domain name and hosting) that's automatically updated with new content (related to the OLSP system) every week.
  • Kontest King - shows you how to leverage the power on contests to build your lists virally by allowing people to get rewards for opting in to your opt-in pages.
  • Social Post Magic - An automated social media management platform that creates and posts content on several social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and more) on autopilot for you.

TD Products
Several internet marketing related products created by the Traffic Domination Team and their partners. Here are some examples:

  • Traffic Domination VIP - This is a comprehensive traffic generation training and mastermind group.
    It's described as "a roadmap for advanced online success and internet marketing mastery, strategically designed to teach you how to explode your business, attract new traffic, reinforce good habits and best practices and take action with the support of a world-wide, positive community". It has basic and advanced solo ads training. The cost for Traffic Domination VIP is $297/month
  • Click Domination - Teaches a 1-Click "Secret System" to quickly get autopilot buyer traffic for just pennies. I think the system utilizes Google Adwords. The cost is $49.
  • Traffic Domination Pages - TD Pages is a software for creating squeeze pages, popups, and full-screen overlays (without needing to understand coding) to grow your email list and run special offers.

    You'll just need to simply choose a template, customize it in the drag-and-drop editor/builder, then put it live. It has about 35+ fully customizable campaign widgets as well as analytics and split testing. You can get a 14 Day free trial, then it's $69/month.
  • Tube Domination - A blueprint on how to generate traffic from YouTube without paid ads.
  • Traffic Nemesis - a step by step blueprint on how to generate traffic by simply utilizing organic traffic without spending a dime on ads.
  • Facebook Course Funnel - gives you highly engaging "done-for-you" Facebook status updates & posts that get you high quality leads
  • 30 Days Email Journey Hacks - teaches you how to create a list that converts into sales. It covers how to build a clear Profit Plan and how to maximize your list building profits. You also get a behind-the-scenes look at everything Wayne Crowe does to make his email marketing business thrive.

You can earn affiliate commissions from any of the above products... some of which will offer recurring commissions.

This is similar to the Commission Ecosystem within the Partner with Anthony Program.

The OLSP Boot Camp

Once you sign up for your free OLSP account, the first thing you should do is go through the Boot Camp.

The Bootcamp consists of 16 modules with videos that shows you everything you'll need to now about OLSP. Check out the list of the modules below...

The 16 Modules of the OLSP Boot Camp training

Here's my certificate...

The Online Video Training Sessions

These training videos dive deeper into affiliate marketing and how to use OLSP to make affiliate commissions online.

There are 9 training units with a total of about 70 lessons covering general topics such as online marking, affiliate marketing and email marketing, as well as more specific topics such as tracking, advanced list building, creating funnels, attraction marketing, Facebook marketing, Google ads, and much more.

Here's an example of list of lessons in one of the training units...

A few things to note about the training:

  • The training is very comprehensive, covering several topics related to online affiliate marketing.
  • Most of the lessons are extracts from larger presentations/trainings/launches that took place in the Facebook Group. Nonetheless, the content is fairly good.

Is The OLSP System Legit?

The OLSP System is absolutely legit. 

Here are the commissions I earned over the period of about a month when I first started back in 2021...

OLSP system review - commissions earned

And here's where I received payment via PayPal. You can also receive payments via WISE.

OLSP system review - payment received

When you join the Facebook Group you'll see members posting testimonials regularly about how they're making money with the system, as well as proof that they're receiving payments in the PayPal accounts.

Below are a few snapshots from within the FB Group of members posting the amount of commissions they've made, and that they received payments from the OLSP System.

OLSP System Review - results from members

Final Analysis

  1. The OLSP System is a unique platform that allows you to earn affiliate commissions by inviting others to join the private Traffic Domination Facebook Group, while teaching you about affiliate marketing, list building, traffic generation and other internet marketing topics.
  2. The collection of online training videos is comprehensive, consisting of over 60 videos covering several topics related to online marketing.
  3.  The OLSP Mega Link allows you to earn affiliate commissions across various products and services varying from $12 to as much as $5000.
  4. It's totally free to join, which is hard to beat and is a good starting point for anyone wanting to learn about online marketing on a low budget. 
  5. If you're looking for a relatively hassle-free way to make money online, then the OLSP System may be the solution for you.

My Exclusive Bonus Offers To You

1 - On - 1 Email Consultation ($497 Value)

Because I'm truly interested in seeing you succeed at building your online income stream this year, I will personally coach and help you succeed once your inside the training.

Join the OLSP System today and I will personally help you along the way using the knowledge and experience I've acquired over the past 15 years as an internet marketer. I'll be able to guide you with your entrepreneurial mindset, building your websites, generating traffic, creating content and just about anything else related to affiliate marketing.

Basically, if you join with me, I will become your accountability partner.

Affiliate Marketing Action Plans ($197 Value)

elite affiliate pro bonus - affiliate action plans

A collection of 20 Action Plans covering the most critical aspects of affiliate marketing... from picking the right products, to traffic generation, to building your email lists, to copywriting, to generating huge commission checks... and so much more. These action plans will make make affiliate marketing easier, faster & more profitable for you.

Elite Affiliate Pro Bonus Affiliate Action Plans

Full Access to Passive PWA Profits Course

PWA (Partner With Anthony) is an affiliate marketing training platform that is similar to the OLSP System in that it allows to earn while you learn. The Passive PWA Profits Course shows you how to use the Partner With Anthony Platform to build a passive monthly recurring income stream while learning affiliate marketing.

You can access the first module of the course here for free... and once you join PWA, you'll gain access to Module 2, which includes:

  • Promotional Action Plans - 3 highly effective promotional techniques, outlined step-by-step, you can use to promote the PWA platform and start earning commissions very soon.
  • Personal Rolodex of Money-Saving Online Business Tools - my own personal listing of cost-effective, high-quality tools. You can use these, rather than what's recommended in the PWA platform, if you want to save some money.
  • Grow Your Affiliate Business Beyond PWA - How to use the strategies you learn in PWA to gain even greater affiliate marketing profits.

* Each of the Promotional Action Plans in this course can be easily applied to promoting the OLSP System.

I hope you have found this review of the OLSP System useful and informative. If you need further clarification on any thing about the program, or you have any questions about anything I did or didn't cover, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

  • Hi, I read your honest review. However, I have tried to make income online several times and got scammed each time. So I am very reluctant to invest any money in anything.

    Some of the Businesses I tried online are, GetPaid Social, this was Jeff Long… My Video Talk… and Beurax this was Crypto trading. it had over 200.000 members most were scammed. So If it is free, I will try it. I will not spend one cent till I am making income. Sorry for being blunt, I have learnt my lessons.

    Kind regards

    • Hi John… thank you for your comment… and no need to apologize for being blunt.

      I understand your frustrations… I’ve been the victim of scams myself.

      The important thing is to not let them discourage you from pushing forward with your goals. Remember why you have those goals in the first place.

      OLSP is free, so yes, you can try it out… but, as with anything else, you have to take action… consistent action.


  • Whoa! That is a great article. I am in the OLSP System and I sure wish I clicked on your link first:) You explained everything great!! I learned some things as I am pretty new. There is so much information that it will take a bit.

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