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About "Affiliate Rescue"

The vast majority of affiliate marketers fail to make any real income… many give up soon after starting.

This can be attributed to what I refer to as the “vicious cycle”. It’s where you purchase one program after another, jump from one thing to another to another and maybe even back to the first thing, trying all manners of methods and strategies, in an effort to figure out the “secret” to making tons of money online… Leading to information overload, confusion, frustration, overwhelm, buyers’ remorse… and you end up not actually making any money at all.

This short course outlines those habits and experiences that are keeping you in the “vicious cycle” and reveals some solutions to help you escape the cycle and finally start actually making money online.

Affiliate Rescue

Having the Wrong Mindset

Shiny Object Syndrome

Information Overload

Can’t Seem to Find the Time


Trying to Avoid Investing In the Right Tools

Not Having a Plan to Follow

Giving Up Too Soon