Recommended Tools

In order to build a successful affiliate marketing business online, there are certain essential elements you’ll need to have. The right tools save you time and effort, which leads to speed of implementation. This is very important to you as an affiliate marketer, especially if you’re doing it part-time and therefore have limited time.

Below is a list of essential tools that I highly recommend... These are the same ones that I use.

Web Hosting


You'll find many people promoting Bluehost and HostGator web-hosting. When I first started out, I used Hostgator... and it was ok initially, but then my sites got hacked, not once, or twice, but four times... and it was during those times that I realized how lousy their support was.

I now use Siteground… it’s much much better, their support is stellar, and it is a higher value for your dollar.

Domain Registration


Not having your own domain as an affiliate marketer is a mistake commonly made by newbies. If you're serious about building an income stream online, you've got to have your own domain.

Use a domain registrar like NameCheap to find out what domain names are available and to register your preferred name.

WordPress Content Builder

Thrive Architect

One of the key steps to succeeding as an affiliate marketer is building your website... and for this, you should be using WordPress.

Thrive Themes is your best bet for building conversion-focused WordPress sites. Their Content Builder (Thrive Architect) allows you to create any type of page you want - landing page, sales page, review page, blog posts, etc., etc. - and it's a pleasure to work with.

It would be poor of me not to mention their Membership Option which gives you access to all of their themes and plug-ins as well as Thrive University, which is full of detailed, easily understood, actionable courses on online marketing.

Email Marketing


GetResponse has been around for a long time and is used many people, including millionaire marketers... so it's been tried and tested. It integrates very well with most other online software and services.

You’ll also gain access to top-notch step-by-step training on how to grow your mailing list to at least 10,000 new subscribers in 90 days!

Click & Conversion Tracking


Setting up click tracking is critically important if you want to measure, analyze and IMPROVE the results of your affiliate campaigns. You'll be able to quickly and easily see what's working and what's not working and adjust your marketing accordingly.

BuildRedirects is a click and conversion tracking software for all marketers. It's simple, fast, reliable and allows you to have total control over your traffic in ways that no other software allows.

Click Tracking is an accurate, fast, reliable, stable and affordable click tracking software with advanced features to help you make more money.