13 Feature Improvements to Thrive Architect October 2019

By William , Updated on August 24, 2020 in Category: Build Your Websites

I, like many others, consider Thrive Architect to be one of the best visual drag-and-drop WYSIWYG WordPress page builders and content editors available now.

And one of the things that the Thrive Themes team does very well is update Thrive Architect (and all of their other plugins) based on feedback from users.

Recently, Thrive Themes released a mighty big update to Thrive Architect, making it an even better page builder and content editor. How big... 13 feature improvements!


Trying to give the details of each of the improvements in this post would be quite a task, but here's a quick summary list of the 13 feature improvements for this update release:

  1. Intelligent Image Resizing
  2. New Hyperlink Design Library with 14 Animations
  3. Set Smooth Jumplinks from a Custom Menu
  4. Post List - Link Entire Article
  5. Post List - Always Show Article
  6. Post List - Sort By Date Modified
  7. Distraction Free Writing Mode
  8. Easy Tags For Lead Generation
  9. Exit Architect Without Saving
  10. Reset Hover States
  11. Unlink a Button size from Global Style
  12. Improved Background Image Control
  13. Play Externally Hosted Videos

You can visit the Thrive Themes Blog for all the details.

My favourite feature improvement is the Distraction Free Writing Mode. I often type up my blog posts and pages right inside the Thrive Architect UI. With Distraction Free Writing Mode I am able to type quicker...  it feels like I'm typing in an online word processor like Google Docs or Word Online.

Another improvement that I like is the Easy Tags For Lead Generation feature. It's a very simple way to add tags to a contact in your mailing list right from the opt-in form settings. Sweet!

With improvements like these, Thrive Architect is set to be the best visual drag-and-drop WYSIWYG WordPress page builder and content editor for 2020.

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