A "crash course" designed for struggling affiliate marketers who can’t seem to bring in any consistent cash, and the so-so affiliates who make a few hundred dollars per month, but want more.

Want to Go from a Struggling or "So-So" Affiliate to a "Chest-puffing" Proud Affiliate That's Earning Six-Figure Affiliate Commissions?

You know that affiliate marketing is an absolutely great business model. Not only is affiliate marketing fast and easy to get started,  but this money-making model is:

  • Easy to build into a sustainable business that rewards you in the long-term
  • Easy to copy and repeat over and over.
  • Easy to grow and scale up

But as good as all these benefits are, many affiliate marketers make little or no affiliate commissions, month after month.

If up till now, you've spent a tremendous amount of time being overwhelmed, frustrated and discouraged trying to "figure things out" and looking for the system that "works"... then hat’s exactly why you need the Affiliate Reactivation Course...

What's Inside the
Affiliate Reactivation Course?

Here’s an outline of all the lessons included in the 3 Modules of this online course:

Welcome and Preparation

Action plans for understanding affiliate marketing, getting started and making your first $1000 in affiliate commissions.


Welcome message and how to prepare yourself for success with this course.

Quick Intro to Affiliate Marketing

A quick introduction to what is affiliate marketing is and why it may be right for you.

Your Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Action Plan

Discover a time-tested affiliate marketing action plan for making consistent commissions.

Affiliate Tune-up

In this module you'll learn actionable tips, strategies for action plans to increase your commissions (more and bigger) as well as how to earn passive commissions.If you are already an affiliate marketer, but you're not earning commissions consistently, or maybe you want to boost your commissions, then this module is for you!

Correct Your Mistakes

Use this checklist to see if you're making common affiliate marketing mistakes that can kill your conversions and commissions, and how to fix them.

The Increase Your Commissions

Inside this checklist you’ll discover six proven and often surprising ways to boost your commission checks!

Earn Passive Affiliate Commissions

One of the beauties of affiliate marketing is that you can make money passively. This action plan shows you some of the best ways to earn this passive income!

Become a Super Affiliate

If you’re either a struggling affiliate or a so-so affiliate, then you’re going to want to use this checklist to take you to super affiliate status!

Your First $1000 In Affiliate Commissions

Discover a simple four step action plan for making your first $1000 in affiliate commissions.

The Simple Six Figure Affiliate Plan

In this module you'll learn a SIMPLE three-part system that you can use to start building a six-figure affiliate marketing business.

Simple Six Figures Overview

An overview of what it takes to build a six-figure affiliate marketing business.

Build Your Audience

The 1st step to earning six figures is to build your audience. In this lesson you'll discover the 5 proven ways to build that audience.

Build Relationships With Your Audience

After you've built your audience, the next step is to establish a relationship with that audience. In this lesson you'll learn a very effective way to establish and maintain such a relationship as well as the best practices for optimizing your results.

Build Sales Machines

This lesson outlines 3 example scenarios for earning six figures, as well as simple ways to grow your business.


A summary of the steps, plus a shortcut you can take to have your six figure business built for you.

If you’re looking turn around your affiliate marketing business by correcting the mistakes that have been killing your conversions and commission, and then growing your affiliate marketing business to six figures by simply following a set of proven and easy steps, then the Affiliate Reactivation Course is exactly what you need.

BONUS: To make it even easier for you to boost your affiliate commissions, you get access to these 2 bonuses for free when you enroll today...


The Essential Field Guide to Affiliate Optimization


The Essential Field Guide to Better Affiliate Conversions

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  • Welcome & Preparation - Get a quick intro to affiliate marketing and why it's so awesome. Discover the time-tested Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Action Plan for making consistent commissions.
  • Affiliate Tune-up - tips, insights, shortcuts, checklists and strategies that get you more, bigger and passive affiliate commissions!
  • Simple Six-Figure Affiliate Plan - a SIMPLE three-part system to grow to a six-figure affiliate marketing business.

Yours Today for Just $27

P.S. Seriously. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been doing affiliate marketing for a while now, you’re sure to find plenty of gold nuggets in this course to really help you out!

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