Thrive Architect Smart Pages

thrive architect smart landing pages
By William , Updated on August 24, 2020 in Category: Build Your Websites

ThriveThemes has release an update for Thrive Architect (the best visual WordPress page builder and editor, in my opinion)... and this update comes with a new technology called Smart Landing Pages.

Essentially with Smart Landing Pages, you'll be able to create, edit and customize pages (and an entire website) to be exactly the way you want, and get it done A LOT quicker.


thrive architect smart landing pages

Two of the features of Smart Landing Pages that I'm loving so far are:

  1. 1-click colour customization which allows you to change the colours on any of 270+ landing page templates in the landing page gallery to your preferable colour scheme or brand colours with 1 easy click.
  2. Group editing which allows you to style similar elements together, rather than having to repeat the steps for each element.

What's your favourite feature?... share in the comments below.

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