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6 Reasons Why It's the Best Visual Drag-and-Drop WYSIWYG WordPress Page Builder and Content Editor

Are you struggling to create a beautiful WordPress site you can proud of?

There are plenty of themes and page builders out there. However, what often happens is that you see a demo page that looks absolutely great, but once you try to build it on your website, it's been anything but easy.

If you haven't been able to find the perfect WordPress theme or page builder and content editor, then Thrive Architect can help with your sanity.


Let's face it, even with recent updates, the default WordPress content editor is pretty lame and limited. You want to easily and quickly create professional looking websites with pages and blog posts that engage your visitors and convert them into subscribers and buyers.

Simply put... Thrive Architect gets the job done! In this Thrive Architect Review you'll learn if it's for you, get a walk-thru of the user interface, why it truly could be the best WordPress visual drag-and-drop WYSIWYG editor going into 2020... and why I absolutely love using it!

Review Summary

Product Name: Thrive Architect

Product Creator: Thrive Themes

Quick Product Description: Visual Drag and Drop WYSIWYG WordPress Page Builder and Content Editor


Thrive Architect is the closest thing to true WYSIWYG I've experience. It's feature-full, with tons of elements to add to your content. It has 300+ templates for building any type of page that you want, without the need for coding or design skills. It also integrates with the best email marketing tools and other online applications.

Ease of Use

Thrive Architect is very intuitive and really does allow you to easily and quickly create any type of WordPress page or post.


One-time payment of $67 for one site or $97 for 5 sites. It's greater value for money compared to other similar WordPress page builders


The support is top-notch. There are lots of tutorial video tutorials, a knowledge base, as well as a forum where you'll get your questions answered quickly and effectively.

Overall Rating: 4/5


  • Really easy to use and intuitive... there are lots of tutorial videos, knowledge base, forum and great support
  • You can build pages quickly
  • Closest thing I've seen to true WYSIWYG.
  • There are currently 300+ page templates for building high-converting homepages,
    landing pages and blog posts... and they continue to add to the gallery.
  • Feature-full - contact forms, text boxes, testimonials, pricing tables, column
    layouts, videos, maps.... and no need to anything about coding.
  • Integrates well with other online marketing tools and services.
  • The Thrive Themes blog and Thrive University are FULL of very informative and up-to-date articles and courses about list building, improving conversions, writing copy, creating landing pages, creating funnels, building websites.


  • As with most software, from time to time, it may get a little buggy. I've always been able to easily find a work-around or have gotten quick response from support.


  1. Thrive Architect continues to be a pleasure to work with for building my websites and editing content. It's intuitive, quick and full of great features. 
  2. It's very affordable compared with other similar plugins.
  3. Customer support is top-notch - quick, friendly, very responsive and more importantly, effective. You wouldn't feel like you're alone, and you have the benefit of being part of an active forum of users and administrators.
  4. The Thrive Themes blog and Thrive University are tremendous source of ever-growing useful information for building an online business.

One-time payment of $67 for 1 site OR $97 for 5 sites

I've been in the online marketing arena since 2005 and in that time I've tried all sorts of ways to build web pages... including advanced software like Adobe Dreamweaver, FrontPage, KompoZer, and the likes... heck, in the early days I even did raw html coding.

The first real game-changer for me was a software called XSitePro... it was easy to understand and I was able to quickly build decent looking websites. But, in 2012, the developer of XSitePro decided to discontinue it.

After the end of XSitePro, I started to use WordPress to create my sites, mainly because blogging was the "in thing" back then. And I've been using WordPress ever since.

Now, I've tried a few WordPress themes and content builders. My greatest challenge was that I could never really get the site to "look and feel" exactly how I wanted - I would spending hours trying to tweak the look of my websites - which lead me to the conclusion that WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) wasn't truly WYSIWYG.

... and seamless integration with other web services was no walk in the park either.

Luckily, a friend of mine suggested that I take a look at ThriveThemes...

I remember watching the intro video and thinking that it was so uncanny that the person in the video (Shane, the founder and CEO of ThriveThemes) was able to identify almost every problem and frustration I was facing at the time with the other content builders and themes I had tried.

I had no choice but to give Thrive Architect a try... and so began my love affair with Thrive Architect... and Thrive Themes.

Who is Thrive Architect For?

Thrive Architect is for anyone who wants to build great looking, conversion focused websites within the WordPress platform, without having any coding or design skills. 

Let me share my checklist for what I look for in a content editor and page builder:

  • It should be intuitive and easy to use - people typically don't want to read through a manual before using software... they like to dive in and get started right away. 
  • It should be fast - allowing you to make changes in an instant... AND be able to see how to changes would look on the front end. 
  • It should be able to create professional looking pages - you don't want your website to look amateurish and drive away visitors.
  • It should be based on a visual drag and drop WYSIWYG interface - "drag and drop" has become synonyms with not having to know or use "techie" coding.
  • It should create responsive content - meaning that your website would adjust according to whether it's being viewed on mobile or desktop.
  • It should integrate easily with other web applications and services
  • It should have "advanced" features such as allowing you to do animation and actions on your sites if you so chose.
  • ... and it certainly has to be affordable

If your list includes any or all of the above, then Thrive Architect is definitely for you!

The Thrive Architect User Interface

Once you've installed the Thrive Architect plug-in onto your site, you'll be able to quickly access the interface with just a couple clicks. Thrive Architect has a simple and efficient visual drag and drop WYSIWYG user interface (UI), consisting of 3 main sections:

  1. The Elements Sidebar -  this sidebar is located on the right hand side of the UI. From here you can select from anyone of the 45+ elements to add to your page or post. You simply drag and drop or click.

    An element is basically something you can add as part of the content on your page, such as text, images, icons, tables, videos, audios, call to action buttons, countdown timers, lead generation forms, etc., etc. This is sidebar is also used to load page templates (more on this in a minute).
  2. The Middle Pane - this is where the main editing takes place and where you see your content take form. So, for example, let's say you add a text element to the main pane, you then go the middle pane and type in the words, and then format it, like you would do in a word processor like MS Word. Or if you add an image, you can format and edit the image - change the size, add a shadow, etc. 
  3. The Options Sidebar - this is located on the left hand side of the UI. This is essentially where you'll be able to do more detailed formatting of your elements and apply various options to the elements that you dragged across to your middle pane.

Thrive Architect UI review

Thrive Architect Simple 3 Section User Interface

The best way to really learn about what Thrive Architect can do for you is to check out the tutorial videos. There you'll find a Quick Start video, as well as more detailed videos on the first steps you should take, how to use the editor sidebar (left sidebar), how to use the different elements, and so much more.

Click here to check out the Thrive Architect Tutorial Videos

Thrive Architect ​Example Websites

Another way to fully appreciate the scope of Thrive Architect is to have a look at some websites created using this page builder and content editor.

To start off, I'll make mention of a couple of the websites I've created. There is of course this site But here are two other sites I've created using Thrive Architect.

And here are some others created by others...

You can view even more examples of sites created with Thrive Architect by checking out Thrive Themes Case Studies.

Thrive Architect vs Others - What Sets It Apart

There are several popular alternatives to Thrive Architect. But because I haven't actually any of them, I can't truly do a detailed and unbiased comparison. Thrive Themes has done their own detailed comparisons between their plugins, including Thrive Architect, with other plugins. Click here to check out their comparisons.

Existing content editors are similar in many aspects - drag-and-drop interfaces, integration with popular email marketing services, template pages to help you build your content, and so on...

But what sets Thrive Architect apart... here are a few ways:


Lifetime Updates
Most other content builders provide you with 1 year of support and 1 year of updates. So, after the year has passed, you will stop receiving updates... if you want to continue receiving updates you'll need to make some sort of further payment. Updates to content editor plugins is inevitable, as WordPress and other online applications update regularly. Thrive Themes offers free lifetime updates.


Thrive University
Thrive University is a growing library of actionable internet marketing courses, webinars and guides. You'll Learn how to create websites, landing pages and opt-in forms that are built for maximum conversions, from the ground up and get an inside view of extremely effective tactics and tools for growing any online business.

Thrive University

Ever-Growing Library of Beautiful Fill-in-the-blanks Page Templates
With Thrive Architect you get access to over 300 fill-in the blanks templates allowing you to create professional looking landing pages almost instantly, for every purpose imaginable. And there all fully customizable so you can quickly and easily tweak the templates to suit your particular taste and needs.


Conversion Focused features to improve your marketing
The team at Thrive Themes is obsessed with conversions. Thrive Architect comes with several proven conversion focused elements built right in... Including infinitely customizable buttons, testimonials, countdown timers and lead generation forms that integrate with your favorite email marketing tools.

Also, the page templates are all formatted with conversion in mind. Many of these templates are tutorialized, meaning that walk you through how to write attention grabbing and engaging content without being a copywriting expert.

Thirdly, Thrive University has several free online courses on copywriting, improving conversions, creating engaging content and more.


Smart Pages
Smart Pages is essentially a feature within Thrive Architect that allows you to create, edit and customize pages (and an entire website) to be exactly the way you want, and get it done A LOT quicker than any other content builder out there. You can more about Smart Pages here.


Thrive Membership
At Thrive Themes you have the option of joining Thrive Membership which is $19/month (or rather $228/year since it's actually paid annually) allows you to install Thrive Architect on up to 25 sites and gives access to the following:

  • Constant Updates and Instant Access to New Plugins
  • Exclusive Members Only Templates, Content and Thrive University Courses
  • Unlimited Support
  • full range of conversion focused WordPress themes built for speed, readability and clarity
  • The Full Suite of Thrive Themes WordPress Plugins, including:
  1. Thrive Optimize - enables full A/B split testing and conversion tracking right within your own site 
  2. Thrive Leads - an all-in-one conversion-focused lead generation and opt-in form plugin for WordPress
  3. Thrive Ovation - is a testimonial manager allowing you to get detailed and persuasive testimonials on auto-pilot
  4. Thrive Apprentice - allows you to create and manage online courses
  5. Thrive Quiz Builder - allows you to create fully customized online quizzes that allow you to gain valuable visitor insights
  6. Thrive Ultimatum - creates deadline countdown timers, recurring countdowns, or evergreen campaigns
  7. Clever Widgets - controls exactly what appears on your sidebar widgets based on certain conditions that you set.
  8. Headline Optimizer - allows you to split test your blog post headlines
  9. Thrive Comments - is a comments manager that's much more powerful that the default WordPress comment system.

No other plug-in or suite of plug-ins offers this.

Final Analysis

  1. With a simple, quick user interface, Thrive Architect is definitely one of the best visual drag-and-drop WYSIWYG page builder and content editor for WordPress.
  2. It's intuitive and simple enough for non-professionals to create beautiful looking websites, as well as a ton of advance features for those website building techies.  Coupled with that , there are hundreds of conversion-focused templates for almost any type of page you can think of.
  3. Customer support is top notch... they have always responded to my queries in a quick and effective​ way. The Thrive Themes support team obviously listens to their user, releasing feature updates regularly, based on user feedback.
  4. The Thrive Themes Blog and Thrive University are filled with a wealth of knowledge about internet marketing and building an online business.
  5. Thrive Membership gives you access to constant updates, instant access to new plugins, exclusive member-only templates and courses, the full range of Thrive Themes WordPress themes and the full suite of Thrive Themes plug-ins.

Since I started using Thrive Architect a few years ago, I've really gotten to love everything about it... it's an absolute joy to work with, and it seems that it's set to be the best visual drag-and-drop WYSIWYG WordPress page builder and content editor for 2020.

Learn Even More About Thrive Themes and Thrive Architect...

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