The Right Mindset For Building a 5-Figure/Month Affiliate Marketing Business

The Right Mindset For Earning 5-Figures/Month In Affiliate Commissions

You've been involved in affiliate marketing for some time now... don't you feel like it's time that you start earning those big bucks in affiliate commissions?..

Or maybe you've just started in affiliate marketing... what's the one critical step that would impact on you making thousands in commissions each month?

It's all very much possible and it really doesn't have to be hard...

You're about to learn the most important advice I've found for building the right mindset for earning 5-figures/month as an affiliate marketer.


Most of the courses out there about Affiliate Marketing or broader topic of Making Money on the Internet don't talk about this step...

But thrust me when I tell you...

This step is CRITICAL. If you don’t take this step, your are going to be trying and trying but getting no where really. At best, you'll only be making a little bit of money ever so often... I've been there!

.... but that is not what you want. We are aiming to have a real affiliate marketing business that generates a serious amount of affiliate commissions for you... AND have that amount grow and grow each month.

Simply put, you must realize that your affiliate marketing business IS a business. Don’t treat it like a activity that you're just doing by the side.

You have to commit to taking consistent, focused action… do this and you will achieve our goal.

This means being committed, having discipline and having patience.

Listen… let me be frank with you...

If you are not making money online, it is your fault!

You can’t blame anyone else but yourself.

Making money online requires taking continuous action using proven internet marketing techniques and strategies .

You are the one that has to learn those techniques and strategies…

You are the one that has to take action.

So what is the right mindset?

Well firstly, let’s say what the wrong mindset is – it’s thinking that making money online is just something that you are doing “by the way”, just a source of a little additional cash.

Thinking that way would be reflected in way you do things to make money online… with a half-hearted approach.

The right mindset is thinking that this is a real business… YOUR BUSINESS. 

  1. Believe in yourself and have patience.. Don't give up! - "The one sure way to fail is to give up"
  2. Set Goals - identify what you want to achieve (for example, how much money you want to make) and set a target date, by when you want to achieve.
  3. Be Focused - when you go online to work on your business.. do that. Don't go and play games online or check your emails, etc.
  4. Invest in learning - There is a lot of free information about how to make money with affiliate marketing. But don't be afraid to spend money to gain the right knowledge (See the tip below)
  5. Take Action, Take Action, Take Action
  6. Be Organised - it will save you a tremendous amount of time.
  7. Don't Be a Perfectionist - things would never be perfect enough

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