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Affiliate marketing is indeed a simple, enjoyable and profitable way to earn an income online.

But if you don't get started with affiliate marketing in the right way, it can be a very winding road ahead... that leaves you frustrated, overwhelmed and confused, leading you to give up before you even make any profit.

Below, I've outlined specific steps you should take to get started with affiliate marketing - so you can learn about affiliate marketing, avoid the most common obstacles to success, start setting things up, and start earning affiliate commissions as soon as possible.

So, Let's Get Started!...

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Understand The Basics Of Affiliate Marketing

If you're an absolute newbie to affiliate marketing, then you'll want to go through the Affiliate Marketing Building Blocks Course.

You'll learn the basics of affiliate marketing and, more importantly, get started with a proper foundation.

how to start affiliate marketing for beginners

Overcome The Most Common Obstacles to Success

One of the greatest challenges affiliate marketers (new and experienced alike) face is "Shiny Object Syndrome". It's the habit of chasing after the latest business opportunities, buying product after after product, in the pursuit of the dream of quick riches to financial freedom... and it's one of several habits that hinder progress and often lead to sure failure. 

You'll want to avoid these habits early.... and that's why I recommend going through the Affiliate Rescue Course. This course takes you through the common bad habits and practices and provide you with solutions to overcome/avoid them.

Invest In Learning Affiliate Marketing

The next step to take is to invest in learning the strategies for making affiliate commissions.

While there's a lot of good free affiliate marketing training and information online, it's going to take you a lot of time and effort to search and sort through all that information.

It's much better to save yourself time by investing in a well organize online course that provides you with a step-by-step plan for creating an online income through affiliate marketing.

One training platform that I recommend, that's very affordable, and that provides absolutely great value for money is PWA.

I've created a short course called Passive PWA Profits where you'll learn about the platform and how you can use it to build yourself an increasingly profitable internet business using the power of affiliate marketing.

Take Action!

Don't let your learning lead to knowledge. You'll become a fool. Let your learning lead to ACTION. You can become wealthy.

Jim Rohn - entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker

This is the most important step... If you don't take action, nothing is going to happen.

If you do take action, one of two things can happen...

  1. You may get lackluster results, but in the process you would gain knowledge and experience. DO NOT GIVE UP.  Continue to take action.
  2. You start to see positive results - visits to your websites, subscribers to your list, sales that generate affiliate commissions - and this is going to motivate you to take even more action.