Build Your Own Passive Income Online Business This Year By Partnering with A World Class List Builder and Super Affiliate Marketer That Just Earned $982,505.22

Plus, I will personally help and coach you to succeed!

William Shepards

Hi, I'm William​... If you are interested in earning passive affiliate commissions and building an online business from the comfort of your home, then you are on the right page.

​I've been an affiliate marketer for about 1​5 years now, and I've had my share of ups and downs.

... Over the years, I've bought product after product searching for that "magic secret" to making money online... from the $47 ebooks to thousands in coaching (I was even scammed at one point.. more than one month's salary gone down the drain!).

I have felt the awfulness of spending and spending, jumping from this program to that program, getting stuck, getting confused, overwhelm and frustration... ​that sinking feeling of buyer's remorse... knowing that you just spent more than you could ​afford on yet another overpriced product...

... and yet you're generating next to nothing in terms of income month after month.

​It's a vicious cycle experienced by so many of us :-(

It makes me angry ​just thinking about it, because I came to realize (after many years and many failures) that the ​​vast majority of people selling "make money online" products are ​really just interested in getting your hard earned money and making themselves rich... they are NOT ​genuinely interested in helping you (although their sales page would ​have you believe otherwise)​.


​Fortunately, I was able to escape this cycle... you can read more about my journey here.

With this program I'm about to introduce you to, you become part of a private thriving community of marketers all working towards helping each other succeed.

I’m a partner myself. And
I will personally help you along the way using the knowledge and experience I've acquired over the past 15 years as an internet marketer. I can help you with your entrepreneurial mindset, websites, traffic generation, content creation and just about anything else related to affiliate marketing. Basically, if you join with me, you and I will become accountability partners.

If you’re fed-up of seeing others making thousands in affiliate commissions while you're spinning your wheels and making next to nothing, you should give this some serious consideration.


​I invite you to get excited about an authentic and proven program that allows you to tap into the experience and leverage of a true super affiliate marketer and build your online business in 2020. It doesn't matter if you're a "newbie" looking to start your first online business the right way the first time​ OR you're experienced and looking to take your online business to the next level and create even more income.

This unique program has been proven to literally take clueless newbies and put them on the fast track to a full time income from home no matter their age, experience or computer skills.

​Don't Take My Word For It...
People Just Like You Are Earning Passive Commissions Every ​Day​!

Who Is Anthony Morrison and What Is The Partner With Anthony Program About

Anthony Morrison is a world class internet entrepreneur that started out at a very young age. He's passionate about teaching others (as you'll see from the training within the members area).

He started by teaching people simple Google Adwords strategies over 10 years ago and has grown his company to over 15 educational courses and 10 marketing and automation driven software.

pwa anthony morrison

The Partner With Anthony Program is a true "earn while you learn" training platform that teaches you about building an online business with affiliate marketing.

The program consists of 30 ​training sessions covering many topics - the entrepreneurial mindset (very important), productivity, money management, affiliate marketing, email marketing, traffic generation, copywriting, and more.

I have not been able to find this quality of training at such an affordable price anywhere else... and I've been around a long time.

​The series of videos walk you through the training step-by-step.

The first thing Anthony walks you through is getting the essential tools to succeed - to build your pages, send your emails and track your results.

Then though a series of videos that are delivered to you every 24hours (so that you actually have time to go back and actually do what you're taught), you'll be shown step by step how to build and grow your business

So instead of doing it on your own, you'll be doing it with Anthony (and myself)... instead of us just teaching you, we'll be helping you.

"5 Reasons I Joined The Partner With Anthony [PWA] Program & Why I Recommend You Join Too!"


​​The Exclusive "Commission Links" ​Ecosystem
This ​is ​unique to PWA. ​​It allows you to get monthly recurring commissions from essential business building tools and services.


​Done-For-You Funnels
​To help you get started FAST, Anthony gives you a ​couple done-for-you high-converting funnels. These funnels ​have proven, and continue to be highly profitable.


​Private Facebook Group ​

​One of the obstacles that ​people face ​with other online business opportunities is getting stuck. When you join ​​PWA, you'll get access to ​the private Facebook Group. This group is very active with members at different earning levels (absolute newbies to those earning $1000s per month).  ​​You'll be able to have all your questions answered promptly... Looking forward to seeing you in there!


​​Weekly Success Training Sessions ​
Anthony holds weekly online training sessions which are free to members. But what's unique about his sessions is that he gives away business packages - including ​opt-in pages, sales pages, email follow-up sequences, affiliate offers​. He also gives away prices​ up to $1,000 cash to our attendee's every week!


It's ​Very Affordable to ​Enroll

​​​It's just $7 to join the ​Partner With Anthony ​Program... and you have an entire month to check it out and see if it's for you... and that's with a Money Back Guarantee... ​So, there's no risk to you.

​Over the years, I've paid thousands of dollars and spend years learning ​the stuff that taught in PWA.​

"​Get These ​​6 Bonuses ​Worth Over $​1,500
When You Join "Partner With Anthony"

BONUS #​​​1

elite affiliate pro bonus - email consultations

1-One-1 Email Consultations With Me ($497 Value)
Because I'm truly interested in seeing you succeed ​at building your online income stream this year, I will ​personally coach and help you succeed once your inside the training... this is in addition to the training you'll be getting from Anthony.

I'll provide you with an exclusive private email address and ​I'll be available to answer any questions you have about ​the Partner With Anthony Program, ​or anything related to affiliate marketing.


elite affiliate pro bonus - affiliate action plans

Must Have Affiliate Marketing Action Plans ($197 Value)

A collection of 20 Action Plans covering the most critical aspects of affiliate marketing... from picking the right products, to traffic generation, to building your email lists, to copywriting, to generating huge commission checks!... and so much more. These action plans will make make affiliate marketing easier, faster & more profitable for you.

Elite Affiliate Pro Bonus Affiliate Action Plans


elite affiliate pro bonus - affiliate sumurai
elite affiliate pro - affiliate samurai

Affiliate ​SAMURAI ​TRAINING VIDEOS ($​697 Value)

​These exclusive affiliate marketing ​training videos will really open their eyes to the truth and massive potential of affiliate marketing. The series is broken down into 2 programs - ​Basic and Advanced

The Basic Training reinforces affiliate marketing strategies from the ground up. The Advanced training goes beyond the basics of setting up your affiliate business. What you’ll discover are the real 'nobody shares' secrets to success... ​advanced marketing strategies used by the net’s top affiliate marketers who are consistently bringing down six and seven figures a year in commissions.

Dive into these 21 awesome training videos and soak up the info then apply the strategies. Because once you do, you'll start enjoying more traffic, a bigger list, and more sales than you ever thought possible.

elite affiliate pro - affiliate samurai training videos


The PWA program will teach you how to quickly build a list of subscribers. This report filled with revenue-generating ideas you can quickly implement with your list.


elite affiliate pro bonus - 5 ways to make 500 per week

5 WAYS TO MAKE $500 PER WEEK ($67 Value)
Why not supplement your affiliate commissions with other online income streams that bring in a reliable source of an additional $500 each week? You’ll love these five proven ideas for slipping an extra $500 into your pocket every week!

BONUS #​​6

elite affiliate pro bonus - templates swipe files checklist

This is a set of ​tried and true templates, swipe files, checklists and scripts to help you with affiliate marketing, list building and copywriting . You'll never have to waste time again trying to figure out what to write!

elite affiliate pro bonus - affiliate list building copywriting templates

to get your bonuses


Follow these simple steps:

  1. Click here to join Partner With Anthony ​program.
  2. Forward your receipt to ​ so I can verify your purchase​.
  3. I will email you back with a download link to grab all ​six bonuses.


It's simple... I'm offering you a valuable "ethical bribe" to join PWA ​through my affiliate link. When you do, I will get paid a commission from ​Anthony. You won't have to pay extra. You won't even feel it. And in exchange for buying through my affiliate link and helping, I reward you with extra free stuff. So everyone wins!

Plus, if you need support, you can count on me to be there for you, because I want to win you over long term. Just email me at ​william​

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