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anthony morrison partner with anthony affiliate marketing training review
By William , Updated on July 28, 2021 in Category: Learn Affiliate Marketing

This Partner With Anthony Review takes an honest and in-depth look at Anthony Morrison's Partner With Anthony (PWA) Affiliate Marketing Training program. You'll learn exactly what the program is and what you get access to, whether it's legit or a scam, as well as other insights. I also comment on some criticisms I've seen from other Partner With Anthony reviews online.


"Many of my clients are having great success with the program". That's what my copywriting friend told me about the Partner With Anthony Program... so I thought I would have a look at it.

... And after enrolling and checking out the training myself, I have to give Partner With Anthony a thumps up

This is the sort of training I wish I had when I first started to learn about affiliate marketing several years ago... It would have saved me a lot of time and a lot of money.

Many of the the strategies and techniques that I have learned about affiliate marketing over the years (through trial and error and years of frustration), are right there within the Partner With Anthony training, explained in a very comprehensive manner.

If you are interested in creating a passive income stream online, but you've been spending money jumping from program to program, getting stuck, getting confused, overwhelmed and frustrated, and want a program that gives you step-by-step, "here's what to do on Day 1, Day, Day 3..." training and personal help to start building your online business this year, then you should give Partner With Anthony some serious consideration.

So, let's get into it... and you'll find out why I'm making such a recommendation. Here's what we'll cover in this thorough review...

Review Summary

  • Product Name: Partner With Anthony (PWA)
  • Quick Description: Online training on how to build an online business using affiliate marketing 
  • Price: Just $7/Month (Click Here To Join) or a One-Time Payment of $97
  • Who Is It For: Newbie and Experienced Affiliate Marketers

Quality of Training

The training is done via online videos and are presented in a a systematic, step by step, day by day manner. The topics are covered in a very comprehensive manner.

Ease of Implementation

The steps are not difficult to implement. Anthony goes through the steps in great detail so that the student can follow along, which is great for newbies and those that are not technically savvy.

Student Support

I haven't had the need to personally contact PWA support for any reason, but the support within the Facebook group is tremendous. It's not uncommon to see someone post a question, and within minutes have the question resolved by other members.


The course is very affordable at just $7/month OR a one-time payment of $97

Overall Rating: 4.5/5


  • The cost to enroll in the program is very affordable.
  • The affiliate marketing training is very good. Anthony covers the topics in much detail with step-by-step videos. He also covers many critical aspects of building an online business - such as entrepreneurial mindset, money management and mindset, leadership, networking, etc. which are not normally covered in such training.
  • The Business Building Commissions Links Ecosystem allows you to easily earn recurring passive monthly income while learning  to build your online business.
  • The Facebook Group is an extremely active and beneficial resource for continuous help, support and motivation.
  • The Weekly Webinars are informative and exciting. Anthony gives away cash prizes and done-for-you funnels at each webinar.
  • Based on numerous feedback from within the FB Group, members are finding tremendous success with this program.


  • The training is highly focused on using ClickFunnels to create pages and funnels, which is a relatively expensive option... there are more cost effective alternatives available.


  1. Anthony Morrison's Partner With Anthony is a step-by-step training course created by Anthony Morrison that teaches you how to build and online business using affiliate marketing.
  2. The cost of enrollment is very affordable, lowering the barrier for anyone wanting to learn about affiliate marketing.
  3. PWA is a great platform with fantastic training and a built-in revenue generating ecosystem.
  4. One aspect of the program I would have liked to see changed is the program's focus on using Clickfunnels to build pages and funnels. There are better, more cost-effective options available. It is worth noting that based on feedback with in the FB Group, many students who have opted not to use CF and are succeeding nonetheless. 
  5. If you want to learn how to building an online business while earning recurring passive income, you should definitely give Partner With Anthony a shot.

$7/Month OR One-Time Payment of $97

What Is The Partner With Anthony Program?

The Partner With Anthony Program is an online video training program, created by Anthony Morrison, that teaches you how to build an online business using affiliate marketing.

What's a bit different (and refreshing) about the training is that it covers some critical aspects of building an online business that you don't typically see in similar programs - topics such as mindset, money management, entrepreneurship and leadership.

So, here's what you get access to when you join the program:

  • Online Video Training Sessions - step-by-step, day-by-day training about affiliate marketing and building an online business.
  • Commission Links Eco-system - a system built into the training that allows you to earn commissions on various products
  • Private Facebook Group - an exclusive FB group for members of the Partner With Anthony Program.
  • Success Connection Weekly Webinars - weekly webinars to compliment the training.

Here's an overview of what you get access to in a nutshell:

Anthony Morrison Partner with Anthony Review - Overview of Program

Overview of Anthony Morrison's Partner with Anthony Affiliate Marketing Training Program

Let's dive deeper into each of these components...

The Online Video Training Sessions

There are 30 training sessions at the time of writing this review, each session consisting of a few videos where Anthony walks to through step-by-step.

Partner With Anthony review - training sessions

The very first video welcomes you to the program, gives you a tour of the member areas and everything you have access to, and what you should expect.

Anthony then talks a bit about what affiliate marketing is, gives an overview of the strategies he'll be teaching you, and explains why having the right mindset is important.

He then walks you through the tools you need to build an online business - software to build your pages and funnels, an autoresponder to send emails to your audience, and tracking software to track your results so you can analyze and tweak your marketing as you go along.

Then through a series of sessions that are delivered to you every 24hours, you're shown step by step how to build and grow your business.

Here are the topics covered in the 30 sessions, in the general order in which they are presented:

  • Welcome message and tour of the training area
  • Why people fail at affiliate marketing
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • What Is affiliate marketing
  • The Essential tools Needed for building an online business
  • The Profit Cycle Blueprint
  • Money Mindset & Management
  • The Commission Links Eco-System Explained
  • Setting up Your Profit Center Links
  • Creating Your Domain
  • Setting Up Your email address
  • Setting up your tracking (clicks and conversions) software
  • Setting up your autoresponder
  • Setting up your landing page & Funnel builder
  • Syncing your pages, autoresponder and tracking
  • Email marketing
  • Generating traffic quickly
  • Landing Page creation
  • Split Testing
  • Traffic Generation
  • Sales, Networking, Entrepreneurship
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Building Funnels
  • Facebook Marketing & Facebook Ads
  • Marketing Psychology
  • Marketing Networking & Masterminds
  • Funnel Analysis and Optimization
  • Leadership
  • Copywriting

It's important to note the following about the training:

  • The training is comprehensive - Anthony doesn't just go cover the topics in theory or in a generic way. He goes through each lesson in a very comprehensive and detailed way. So, for example when he talks about registering a domain, he walks you through the process by actually signing-up with a domain registrar and going through step by step. And for every step that he teaches, he often explains why he's doing it and the part it plays in the overall strategy.
  • It's done in a way to help minimize overwhelm - After you're finished watching the videos in each session, you'll need to mark that session as complete. You'll then have to wait 24 hours for the next session to become available to you... this is to allow you time to actually implement what is taught in that session before moving to the next session. If you feel that the 24-hour wait between lessons might be frustrating for you, because you want to move through the training at a quicker pace, but still want day-by-day, step-by-step training, then the 301k Challenge affiliate marketing training course might just be what you're looking for.
  • The training teaches you promote the PWA program -  As Anthony goes through the training, he teaches you how to promote PWA itself in the first instance and then apply the marketing strategies to other niches and products. This way you get to earn commissions through the in-built Commission Links Ecosystem (more on this below).
  • It isn't just about affiliate marketing - I've mentioned it before, but it's worth repeating... topics such as mindset, entrepreneurship and money management are also covered in the course.

Business Building Commission Links Ecosystem

The Commission Links Ecosystem is what allows you to get paid commissions while you're learning to build your online business. Let me try to break down how this works...

  1. As indicated earlier, the training teaches you how to use what you're learning to promote PWA in the first instance.
  2. Within the training, Anthony talks about having some essential tools - software for building pages, sending emails and tracking results. These are tools that anyone wanting to building a business online would need. The specific tools recommended within the training are ClickFunnels for building funnels and pages, GetResponse or Aweber for email marketing and BuildRedirects for click and conversion tracking.
  3. Each of these tools have affiliate programs that pay lifetime recurring monthly commissions. And in the sessions where Anthony talks about the tools, there are links directly below the videos to sign-up for tools.
  4. The ecosystem is set up so that when you promote PWA and someone signs-up for any of these tools, they'll be signing up through your affiliate link, so you earn commissions... that's pretty cool!

This means that you'll be earning commissions from multiple sources... and you don't have to purchase any of these tools yourself to earn commissions from them.

This is the first way in which Anthony "partners" with you... he could have easily just left his own affiliate links in there, so that when anyone signs ups for ClickFunnels, GetResponse or Aweber he's the one earning commissions. BuildRedirects is a tracking software that was build by his company... so you're earning commissions from his product. Again, he could have left it so that only he earns the revenue.

Additionally, further along in the training, Anthony indicates that you can "expand" your Commission Ecosystem by joining the Ambassador Program. With this program you get access to more training videos and it allows you to earn 50% commissions on several of Anthony's other products, some of which pay up to $997 in commission and some of which pay recurring monthly commissions. You also get a 1-on-1 call session with someone from Anthony's team to help you set up everything correctly to start earning revenue with the Ambassador Program. 

So, here's a quick outline of your revenue potential as a member of Partner With Anthony...

Partner with Anthony review - your earning potential

The cost for joining the Ambassador Program is $1497 which is expensive for many (this is an optional upsell, that you can join at anytime further down in the training or afterwards). What a lot of students do (which is the smarter way to approach it) is they follow through with the 30 Sessions, and only join the Ambassador Program when they have made enough in commissions to do so.

Here are the Anthony Morrison's products you can earn commissions from when you "expand" your Commission Ecosystem.

anthony morrison course products you can earn commissions from

Anthony Morrison Course Products You Can Earn Commissions From

Anthony Morrison software products you can earn commissions from

Anthony Morrison Software Products You Can Earn Commissions From

Again this is, in a sense, partnering with Anthony. He could have easily only have his affiliate links in there so that he gets commissions.

Another way that "partners" with you is that he gives you several optimized and high-converting opt-in pages and funnels to help you promote the PWA program as well as other products in the "make money online" niche.

But this is where my only criticism of the Partner With Anthony Program comes in. It's highly focused on using ClickFunnels to build pages and funnels. ClickFunnels is a relatively expensive option. There are better, more cost-effective options available... but the training really only focuses on ClickFunnels. I personally use and recommend Thrive Themes - you can read my Thrive Themes Review to learn more.

While the training indicates that you don't have to invest in ClickFunnels, you're not really presented with the alternative options. And, if you want get the free done-for-you funnels, you've got to have a ClickFunnels account.

Another program that has a somewhat similar "Ecosystem" model is the OLSP System. It's free to join and it allows you to earn affiliate commissions on several products (varying from $12 to $5000) by simply inviting people to join an exclusive Facebook Group. Check out my OLSP System Review to learn more...

Facebook Group

This group has thousands of members and is very active. You'll see members posting often - asking questions about about the training, asking for help to get something done or to better understand a strategy, highlighting their achievements and encouraging and motivating other members.

This is very good if you get stuck trying to figure out something.... it's not uncommon for members to post and within minutes receive several responses from students and moderators alike.

Success Connection Weekly Webinars

These weekly live webinars are held every Thursday night at around 9:00pm EST... and they are recorded if you are unable to attend. At the webinar you get a chance to interact with Anthony and ask him any questions you might have about the training or anything about building an online business.

But here's what really makes these webinars so different and exciting:

  1. Anthony gives away up to US$1,000 cash to attendees every week! This is typically done through question and answer sessions.
  2. Anthony gives away tried and tested high-converting funnels that he has built.
  3. He has competitions where he would buy funnels and landing pages from students.

Is Partner With Anthony Legit?

The short answer is Yes. But, I want to do better than that.. let's answer this question by looking at it a few ways:

  1. Does Anthony deliver on his promises from the sales page?
  2. Is the training good?
  3. Are people finding success with this program?

Now, I have seen other reviews really criticize the program, really bash Anthony and conclude downright that Partner With Anthony is a scam... I give my direct response to these criticisms in a minute, but let's quickly answer the above questions.

Does Anthony Deliver on His Promises From The Sales Page

Here's what Anthony promises on his sales page:

  • You get to "partner" with him - as I've outlined above, this is essence of the Commission Links Ecosystem. So let's tick this off as being delivered.
  • Training on how to build a business online - this is what's included in the 30 sessions of step-by-step videos... and the training is thorough and comprehensive... so, we can tick this off as being delivered
  • Access to the weekly webinar sessions - we can tick this off as well.
  • PDF copy of is first book "The Hidden Millionaire" - yes, we can tick this off as well.

Is the Training Any Good?

Absolutely! There is a tremendous amount of content within the training, and it's SOLID. Despite my 15 years experience with affiliate marketing, I still learned a few things.

Are People Finding Success With This Program?

Again, the short answer is yes. Below are a few snapshots I took from within the FB Group of members posting their results.

Now, the snapshots above are commissions made based on the Business Building Commissions Ecosystem, but many students have indicated within the FB Group that they are using the strategies taught within the program to promote other products, including those outside of the "make money online" niche and are seeing good results.

Comment On Other Partner With Anthony Reviews

Whilst doing my own research on the Partner With Anthony Program, I read through the many other reviews. Most of these reviews say good things about the program, but there are a number of reviews that say a lot of negative things about the program, concluding that it's a downright scam and even attacking Anthony's character.

I want to make some comments on the negative critiques:

  • 1st critique: The video on the sales page indicates that it's live, when it really isn't - I'm not sure why this even really matters, but I thought I comment on it either way. Granted it is "deceptive", but the use of evergreen video presentations and webinars, that are purported as being "live" but really aren't is a very common marketing strategy... and I've seen it used across many niches, not just the "make money online" niche.
  • 2nd Critique: the sales page indicates that you'll be partnering with Anthony But you're really not - I have pointed out earlier, through the Commission Links Ecosystem, you are partnering with Anthony; he could have easily just earned all the commissions himself.
  • 3rd Critique: The training only shows you how to promote the Partner With Anthony Program itself - Firstly, although the training is focused mostly on teaching you how to promote PWA, the techniques and strategies taught can be applied to any affiliate product in any niche as many of the members in the program are doing. Secondly, as another review pointed out, there is nothing wrong with promoting PWA; it's a good product that allows you to earn commissions while you learn.  
  • 4th Critique - once You've Joined the Program, you're left on your own with very limited support available - This is absolutely not true, because as I indicated, the FB Group is very active with lots of support and encouragement from members. Additionally, within the members area, there is a "Need Support? Click Here" button that's always present.
  • 5th critique - there are plenty of complaints from members - I have not seen any evidence of this within the FB Group. In fact, quite the opposite is true.
  • 6th critique - although the cost of enrollment is just $7, once you join you're pressured with upsells - Early in the training, Anthony recommends that you get the autoresponder, click and conversion tracker, and a funnel/page builder... I don't consider these as "upsells". These are essential online business tools, so regardless of which program you get affiliate training from, you're going to need to get these. If you already have such tools, you wouldn't have to make any additional purchase because of PWA.

The Ambassador Program is an upsell. But, you're not "pressured" into buying it. In fact, in the session where Anthony introduces the Ambassador Program, he repeatedly states that you don't need to get.. 

I want to make a quick note of something here... I have noticed, and you may have too, that the strategy of a reviewer writing a negative review of a program or product that teaches affiliate marketing and then recommending a program that they are promoting appears to be very common among people that promote Wealthy Affiliate... basically, it seems to be about bashing other products/programs, then say that Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 solution... hmmm.

My Special Offer To You

To make it easier for you to find success with the Partner With Anthony Program, I've put together my own personal bonuses.

Simply Contact me here after enrolling, and I'll send you these bonuses.

1 - On - 1 Email Consultation ($497 Value)

Because I'm truly interested in seeing you succeed at building your online income stream this year, I will personally coach and help you succeed once your inside the training.

Join PWA today and I will personally help you along the way using the knowledge and experience I've acquired over the past 15 years as an internet marketer. I'll be able to guide you with your entrepreneurial mindset, building your websites, generating traffic, creating content and just about anything else related to affiliate marketing.

Basically, if you join with me, I will become your accountability partner.

Full Access to Passive PWA Profits Course

The Passive PWA Profits Course shows you how to use the PWA Platform to build a passive monthly recurring income stream while learning affiliate marketing.

You can access the first module of the course here for free... and once you join PWA, you'll gain access to Module 2, which includes:

  • Promotional Action Plans - 3 highly effective promotional techniques, outlined step-by-step, you can use to promote the PWA platform and start earning commissions very soon.
  • Personal Rolodex of Money-Saving Online Business Tools - my own personal listing of cost-effective, high-quality tools. You can use these, rather than what's recommended in the PWA platform, if you want to save some money.
  • Grow Your Affiliate Business Beyond PWA - How to use the strategies you learn in PWA to gain even greater affiliate marketing profits.

Affiliate Marketing Action Plans ($197 Value)

A collection of 20 Action Plans covering the most critical aspects of affiliate marketing... from picking the right products, to traffic generation, to building your email lists, to copywriting, to generating huge commission checks... and so much more. These action plans will make make affiliate marketing easier, faster & more profitable for you.

Elite Affiliate Pro Bonus Affiliate Action Plans

Final Analysis

  • Partner With Anthony is a good program with SOLID training about affiliate marketing and building and online business. 
  • With the in-built Commission Links Eco-system, you'll be able to earn monthly recurring affiliate commissions while you learn
  • At just $7/month, it is very affordable.
  • If you want to an income stream online, and what step-by-step, day-by-day training, then Partner With Anthony is recommended... give it a shot!

I hope you have found this review of the Partner With Anthony Program informative. If you need further clarification on any thing about the program, or you have any questions about anything I did or didn't cover, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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