A collection of guides, action plans, tips, and templates that show you how to get started with affiliate marketing, and how to generate more commissions, and bigger commissions!

“Want to Make Getting Started and Succeeding In Affiliate Marketing Faster, Easier and More Profitable Than Ever Before?”

Affiliate Marketing is an absolutely great business model. Not only is affiliate marketing fast and easy to get started (like today!).

This money-making model is...

  • Easy to build into a sustainable business that rewards you in the long-term
  • Easy to copy and repeat over and over.
  • Easy to grow and scale up

Another great thing about being an affiliate marketer, is you don't have to be an expert in the niche you are selling in. Further, there are very few limits on the types of products or services you can be an affiliate for.

But as good as all these benefits are, many affiliate marketers make little or no affiliate commissions, month after month.

They spend a tremendous amount of time trying to "figure things out" and looking for the system that "works"... only to end up overwhelmed, frustrated and discouraged.

That’s exactly why you need the Affiliate Marketing Kickstart Bundle...

What's Inside the
Affiliate Marketing Kickstart bundle?

#1 - The affiliate marketing quickstart guide

Whether you want to create business income solely through affiliate marketing (it’s very possible) or you want it to work in combination with your own product-based business (recommended), this Kickstart Guide to will help you get started quickly and make quick work of your affiliate promotions .

#2 - affiliate marketing Templates & checklists

This collection of ideas, checklists and templates will help you progress quickly and easily when setting up your affiliate marketing income machines and creating your promotional content.

  • Affiliate Marketing Promotional Ideas - 20+ ways you can promote affiliate offers and incorporate affiliate marketing into your existing business.
  • Affiliate Marketing Offers Evaluation Checklist - This checklist of important criteria to help you pick the best programs for you to promote. Keep this handy every time you are deciding whether or not to promote a product.
  • Affiliate Marketing Review Template - A product review is one of the most effective ways to illustrate the benefits of any product you're promoting. They can also be tremendous traffic drivers and build credibility with your audience when you write objective and detailed reviews. This template will help craft effective reviews and I’ve included a sample review, so you can see exactly how it works. 
  • Affiliate Marketing Promotional Email Templates - send these 7 emails to your subscribers to help close sales on the affiliate offers you're promoting
  • Product Owner Contact Email Templates - Getting in contact with and building a relation with the people that own the products you're promoting is smart. Use these templates to introduce yourself and get approved faster, request interviews and ask for special offers.
  • 101 Headline Templates - You can use these templates anywhere in your content (email subject lines, opt-in pages, blog posts, video titles, etc). Examples for each template is also included.

#3 - affiliate marketing essential field guides

A carefully curated collection of closely held tips, insights, shortcuts, checklists and strategies that show you what’s really working right now to generate more and bigger commissions with affiliate marketing!

Guide 1: The Guide to Affiliate Market Research

17 Keys to Figuring Out What Your Audience Really Wants

In order to have a successful affiliate business, you need to do your market research in order to figure out which market you should be targeting, and what your audience wants to buy. Check out these 17 keys for gathering these valuable, profitable insights!

Guide 2: The Guide to Selecting Profitable Products

17 Questions to Ask When Deciding What to Promote

You’ve got your eye on an affiliate product. Maybe you’ve just discovered it, or maybe it’s something that everyone else seem to be promoting. But before your grab your affiliate link, you’re going to want to review these 17 key factors before you promote an affiliate offer. Skip this, and you may end up wasting time promoting something that doesn’t pay you very well.

Guide 3: The Guide to Beating Your Competitors and Generating More Sales

17 Ways to Add Value to an Affiliate Offer

As an affiliate, you’re always going to have a lot of competition. Not only are you competing with others who are selling similar products, but there may be dozens, hundreds or even thousands of serious affiliates who are selling the EXACT same product as you are.

How do you beat your competition? By adding value to any affiliate offer you promote. This means providing some sort of a bonus – a freebie – to anyone who buys an offer through your affiliate link. This guide reveals 17 ways to do exactly that!

Guide 4: The Guide to Better Conversions

17 Best Practices and Tips for Improving Your Lead Pages

If you’re an affiliate, then building a big, responsive list is among one of your most valuable assets. However, if you’re sending targeted traffic to your lead page and not getting the response you want, then it’s time to figure out what might be wrong. You can start by following these 17 best practices and tips for improving your lead page and boosting opt-ins.

Guide 5: The Guide to Email Marketing

17 Ways to Make Sure Your Subscribers Open and Read Your Emails

Let’s imagine for a moment that you’re building a list, but your results are less-than-dazzling whenever you send an email.

Here’s the problem: it seems that people aren’t opening and reading your emails as often as you’d like. And when they do open them, they’re not clicking. They’re not buying anything. And you’re not making any money.

So, how do you fix these problems? Easy – by reading this guide and implementing these tips!

Guide 6: The Preselling Guide

17 Tips, Tricks and Ideas for Selling More Affiliate Products

Just tossing your affiliate link out into the wind isn’t going to rack up a whole lot of sales for you. Instead, you need to create a content strategy that works to presell the offers you’re promoting. This guide shows you how, by giving you 17 tips, tricks and ideas for boosting your affiliate sales using presell content and other methods!

Guide 7: The Affiliate Advertising Guide

17 Ways to Generate Highly Targeted Traffic

Whether you’re trying to get targeted traffic to your lead page or to your affiliate bonus page, the best approach is a multiprong approach. And that’s why this guide shows you 17 of the best ways to drive cash-in-hand customers to your links!

Guide 8: The Affiliate’s CTA Guide

17 Call-To-Action Templates and Tips for Using Them

As an affiliate, you’re always trying to get your audience to take a specific action. This includes CTAs for buying a product, encouraging people to join your list, registering for your webinar, checking out a video, sharing a piece of content and much more.

Do you know how to create super-effective CTAs for every occasion? No problem if you don’t, because this guide gives you 17 fill-in-the-blank CTA templates. Use these to create all your CTAs the quick and easy way!

Guide 9: The Paid Advertising Guide

17 Tips, Tricks and Hacks for Making the Most of Your Paid Advertising Campaigns

No one likes spending a lot of money on something that isn’t producing great results. That’s why you’ll want to review this paid advertising guide and put these 17 proven strategies to work to start boosting your sales. You’ll get tips and tricks that cover strategies you can use for pay per click marketing, banner advertising and even offline advertising!

Guide 10: The Guide to Establishing Yourself as an Expert

17 Proven Ways to Position Yourself as an Authority in Your Niche

Stop and think about your niche for a moment. Then ask yourself, who’s making all the sales?

Like most niches, the people who make the most sales are the ones who are considered the experts or authorities in the niche. If you want to start racking up the big sales and commissions too, you’ll want to learn how to position yourself as an expert using these 17 proven ways. (It’s easier than you think!)

Guide 11: The Affiliate Optimization Guide

17 Ways to Optimize Your Site, Emails and Ad Campaigns to Maximize Response

Just because you’re making money as an affiliate doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. You could be making a LOT more money. And once you start tweaking various parts of your sites and campaigns, you may be surprised at just how quickly your business grows.

That’s why you’ll want to check out this guide to discover 17 ways to optimize your site, emails and ad campaigns to garner maximum response!

Guide 12: The Affiliate Marketing Guide

17 Of The Best Tips, Steps and Ideas for Boosting Your Affiliate Sales and Income

Ready to rocket yourself from mediocre ho-hum affiliate marketer to affiliate marketing super star? Then you’ll want to put these 17 “best of the best” tips, tricks and ideas to work for you to grow your affiliate business!

#4 - affiliate marketing action plans

Action Plan #1: Affiliate Blogging Action Plan

The beauty of setting up a blog is that it gives you a great chance to build relationships with your audience, especially with those people who haven’t yet joined your mailing list. But it also gives you an opportunity to promote your affiliate offers in a variety of ways. Take a look at this action plan to discover how to maximize your affiliate sales using your blog!

Action Plan #2: Blog Monetization

Posting articles on your blog that either soft sell or directly sell products is a good strategy for increasing sales. But a lot of marketers overlook the many ways you can boost sales by inserting features that sell even more affiliate products. How do you design your blog to maximize sales? Download this action plan to find out how!

Action Plan #3: Affiliate Email Marketing

One of the biggest affiliate marketing mistakes is to send traffic directly to a vendor page, which often results in wasting up to 99% of your traffic. Instead, what you need to do is get people on your list, build relationships, and close the sale via follow up emails. This action plan shows you exactly how to do it!

If you’re looking to avoid the most common affiliate mistakes, take all the pro shortcuts, and grow your affiliate marketing business by simply following a set of proven and easy steps, then the Affiliate Marketing Kickstart Bundle is exactly what you need.

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  • Affiliate Kickstart Guide - Your quickstart guide to help you get started quickly and make quick work of your affiliate promotions.
  • Affiliate Marketing Templates, Checklists, and Swipe files - Ideas, checklists and templates will help you progress quickly and easily when setting up your affiliate marketing income machines and creating your promotional content.
  • Affiliate Marketing Essential Field Guides - A carefully curated collection of closely held tips, insights, shortcuts, checklists and strategies that show you what’s really working right now to generate more and bigger commissions with affiliate marketing!
  • Affiliate Marketing Action Plans - These Actions Plans show you how to earn commissions through blogging and email marketing, and maximize commissions.

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