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elite affiliate pro review
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In this Elite Affiliate Pro review, you'll get a close look at Igor Kheifets' premium affiliate marketing training program. You'll learn exactly what the course covers, whether it's a scam or legit, what bonuses you'll get access to, and my own insights having gone through the course and implemented the training myself.


Elite Affiliate Pro is an online course that teaches you how to find high ticket (high paying) affiliate offers and create effective affiliate campaigns to promote such offers... and build an online affiliate marketing business that pays you month after month, using this strategy.

So, let's get into it... and you'll find out why it may be quite worthwhile for you to invest in Elite Affiliate Pro.

Here's what we'll cover in this thorough review...

Elite Affiliate Pro Review - My Own Experience

I've been an affiliate marketing for several years now. But, prior to going through the Elite Affiliate Pro course, I was typically promoting affiliate offers that paid me commissions that were generally in the $30-$50 range.

Elite Affiliate Pro was recommended to me by a fellow affiliate marketer who found success with the course himself. And, it was a real eye opener for me into the world of high ticket affiliate marketing. 

Now, after having gone through the course, a major part of my business includes promoting much higher paying offers that pay between $500 - $800 in commission. It definitely allows for much better cashflow as an affiliate marketer 🙂

... And having gone through the training myself, I'll have to say that the training is SOLID.

So, if you are interested in learning how to achieve higher affiliate commissions for your efforts, then consider investing in Elite Affiliate Pro.

Before we get into the review, I want to address the "elephant in the room"... Elite Affiliate Pro isn't cheap. The investment is $997. But, if you actually implement the strategies you'll learn in the course, you will recoup your investment. 

Also, remember that Elite Affiliate Pro comes with a money back guarantee.

Elite Affiliate Pro Review Summary

  • Product Name: Elite Affiliate Pro
  • Quick Description: Online training on how to make money with high paying, high converting affiliate offers
  • Price: $997
  • Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days
  • Who Is It For: Anyone wanting to learn how to make money promoting high ticket affiliate offers rather than the typical low paying offers.
  • What's Unique About Elite Affiliate Pro
  • Igor spends a lot of time covering how to learn about your customers, and how to use this info in your campaigns. I believe this is one of the main reasons Igor has been able to create winning campaigns that have made him such a successful affiliate marketer.
  • Elite Affiliate Pro comes with some great bonuses, including templates, cheat sheets, rolodexes, DFY funnels, advance techniques, case studies that are easy to follow through and implement. These will definitely help you eliminate hurdles and achieve success faster.

Quality of Training

The training is done via online videos and are presented in a very systematic, step by step manner. Each video covers their topic very comprehensively.

Ease of Implementation

The steps are not difficult to implement. Igor goes through all the steps in much detail so that you wouldn't find any trouble following along, which is great for newbies and those that are not technically savvy.

Student Support

Support can be obtained in two ways - through Email Support, or through List Building Lifestyle Club Facebook Group. Email Support is efficient and effective. The support from within the Facebook group is also quite good.


At $997 it may be out of the reach of some people, but it is fairly priced for the amount of content and the quality of content. But, if you follow the strategies that are taught in Elite Affiliate Pro, you'll very likely recoup your investment fairly quickly.

Overall Rating: 4/5


  • The training sessions are very comprehensive and cover in great detail every step you need to build your affiliate campaign, get traffic and make sales... those who consider themselves having limited computer skills wouldn't have much trouble following and implementing.
  • The training provides current strategies and is arranged so that you can spend a few hours each day going through the training.. this is good if you don't have much time to fit this in.
  • Igor does a good job of showing you how to to set things up on a budget... this is helpful if you're budget-conscientious.
  • Support for product is very responsive and helpful... Olivia, the chief support officer, does a great job of providing the right answers.
  • Based on my own experience of building a campaign by following the training, I know that it works.


  • At at cost of $997 the course is relatively expensive.


  1. Elite Affiliate Pro is a step-by-step training course created by Igor Kheifets that teaches you how to make money online with affiliate marketing, more specifically how to earn high commissions by promoting high paying, high converting affiliate offers.
  2. The sale price is $997, which is likely out of reach for some, but it's fairly priced for the amount and quality of the content in the training. Also, if you follow the strategies that are taught in Elite Affiliate Pro, you'll very likely recoup your investment fairly quickly.
  3. In addition to the course itself, Igor provides a tremendous collection of exclusive, valuable, relevant and useful bonuses.
  4. If you want to learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing, you should definitely consider investing in Elite Affiliate Pro. Follow the strategies, and you'll quickly recoup your investment.

One-Time Payment of $997

What Is Elite Affiliate Pro?

Elite Affiliate Pro is an online video training program, created by high-earning super affiliate Igor Kheifets, that teaches you how to earn money online as an affiliate marketer, with a focus on promoting high-paying affiliate offers and creating high-converting promotional campaigns.

Once you join the program, here's what you'll get access to:

  • The Online Video Training Sessions - step-by-step training that show you how to find and promote high ticket affiliate offers.
  • Igor's Unique Bonuses - a collection of 14 exclusive bonuses added to the training.
  • List Building Lifestyle Coaching Calls - weekly calls that where Igor dives into topics related to making money online. You attend live or view the recordings.
  • List Building Lifestyle Members Spotlight - interviews with students of Elite Affiliate Pro and other courses in Igor's List Building Lifestyle Club 

Let's dive deeper into each of these components...

The Online Video Training Sessions

The Elite Affiliate Pro course consists of 18 video training sessions divided into 6 Phases. The videos are typically between 10mins to 1 hour long, where Igor teaches about affiliate marketing, how to build a campaign and start earning affiliate commissions.

Here are the topics covered in each of the 18 training sessions:

PHASE 1 - What To Say In Your Content To Get Affiliate Sales

  • Your Target Market: How To Understand Your Market And Know Your Best Customers
  • 3 Crippling Marketing Mistakes To Avoid
  • 14 Important Questions To Ask While Trying To Know Your Customers (7 Parts)

PHASE 2 – How To Find High-Converting Affiliate Offers

  • Becoming A Super Affiliate
  • 13 Ways To Make Money Online: Getting Started With Cpa Marketing
  • Finding The Right Cpa Offer On Offervault
  • Finding The Right Cpa Offer On Jvzoo
  • How To Find High-Converting Clickbank And Private Webinar Offers

PHASE 3 – How To Easily Write Profitable Affiliate Emails Fast

  • Understanding The 4 Stages Of Buyer Evolution
  • Common Mistakes People Make In Their Emails
  • 12 Formulas For Writing Emails That Convert

PHASE 4 – How To Double Your Affiliate Conversions With Bonuses

  • How To 10x Your Conversions With Bonuses
  • How To Create A Presell Page That Doubles Conversions
  • Case Study: Igor’s Most Profitable Presell Pages Explained

PHASE 5 – 1-Page Site That Doubles Your Affiliate Conversions

  • How To Sign Up With Leadpages
  • How To Install Leadpages Template
  • 1-Page Bridge Template That Doubled My Affiliate Conversions

PHASE 6 – How To Push People Off The Fence With Ethical Scarcity

  • How To Push People Off The Fence With Ethical Scarcity

The user interface of the course is intuitive and convenient. For each session, you'll see the following within the learning platform:

  • A navigation pane on the left with access to all the sessions.
  • The actual video lesson at the top of the page.
  • A short overview of the content discussed in the video
  • Highlights from training session
  • A summary of the steps presented in the video
  • A list of links to the tools and resources mentioned in the video 
Elite Affiliate Pro - Course Interface

A few things to note about the training sessions...

  • The Training is Very Comprehensive - as is with all of Igor's courses, he goes through each video session in a very thorough and extensive way. In other words, he doesn't just say do this or do that, he actually goes through each step with you on the video - for example, he'll log into the affiliate networks and show you how the process of selecting the affiliate offers, he shows you how to create your presell pages, he shows you how he pulls together all the pieces for a successful affiliate campaign, etc.
  • Igor Stresses On Understanding Your Customer - Phase 1 of the training is focused on understanding your customer. This is something that is missing from many other affiliate marketing courses. But, Igor spends a lot of time covering how to find out about your customers and how to use this in your campaigns. I believe this is one of the main reasons Igor has been able to create winning campaigns that have made him such a successful affiliate marketer.
  • Gamification - you are awarded points and achievements as you completed the lessons within the courses. And you are assigned a rank based on your progress through the courses.
Elite Affiliate Pro - Gamification
  • The training is kept up-to-date - the training seems to be updated regularly both in terms of content as well as bonuses. For example, once Igor discovers a suitable high ticket affiliate offer, he'll update the rolodex, and you'll receive notification.

Igor's Elite Affiliate Pro Bonuses

For Elite Affiliate Pro, Igor offers several awesome bonuses. These bonuses are designed to eliminate hurdles, so that you actually achieve results. But there are also some unannounced bonuses.

Here's a list of Igor's bonuses...

1-Click Install Done-For-You Affiliate Funnel

This is a complete done-for-you sales funnel you can use to quickly set up and start earning affiliate commissions while you're going through the course. Igor also tells you where to get quality traffic to start scaling immediately!

elite affiliate pro review bonuses

Partner With Igor - Promote "Elite Affiliate Pro" And Earn 90% Commissions

Sign up as an affiliate for "Elite Affiliate Pro" and earn a whopping 90% commission on every $997 sale you make.

elite affiliate pro review bonuses

How To Build Your First 10,000 Person Email List Fast

This guide is for you if you’d like to know how to pick the best affiliate products, how to build your list profitably, how to use email marketing to grow your reliable income from home and even how to become a leader in a micro-niche full of passionate enthusiasts.

Igor walks you through his traffic process, his list building process, his email follow up process, his product creation process and even shares his most reliable copywriting formula with you.

elite affiliate pro review bonuses

Free Affiliate Campaign Critique

Once you set up your campaign following the training within Elite Affiliate Pro, you can get a review of your affiliate campaign by Igor himself. You just need to submit your sales funnel using an easy-to-use form and you'll receive feedback.

elite affiliate pro review bonuses

1-Page Site That Doubles Your Affiliate Conversions

The famous training created by Igor for super-affiliates who want to double their conversion rates.

elite affiliate pro review bonuses

6-Step Super Affiliate Checklist

Igor walks you through the checklist he follows when planning his affiliate campaigns. Execute this blueprint to create a buying frenzy.

elite affiliate pro review bonuses

$100,000 Affiliate Campaign Director’s Cut Case Study

Exclusive “Over-The-Shoulder” look into how Igor created one of the most successful affiliate marketing campaigns he has ever launched. Watch as Igor reveals all the secrets behind the amazing ROI this campaign has generated.

elite affiliate pro review bonuses

Igor's “Instant Traffic Shortcut” System

In Igor’s new and exclusive “Traffic Academy” coaching series, Igor teaches you the in’s and out’s of the paid traffic game as he sees it. Follow Igor’s lead as he shows you everything you need to know on how to generate highly responsive traffic for your business, on-demand.

elite affiliate pro review bonuses

“Affiliate Promo In A Box” System

This is a very detailed step-by-step walk-through of Igor's campaign building process.

elite affiliate pro review bonuses

Lead Bank Rolodex

Finding the best CPA networks can be a very (VERY) expensive journey. Igor has done all the work for you by creating this rolodex.

elite affiliate pro review bonuses

Igor's 7 Most Profitable Affiliate Promotions + 100 Email Swipes

Copy Igor's most profitable affiliate promotions. Get unlimited personal rights to the same exact pages, videos, scripts and emails that netted up to $100,000 in commissions in a single week!

elite affiliate pro review bonuses

Fill-In-The-Blanks Email Templates

Use these email templates to skip the “writing” in “email writing.” Just fill in the blanks and hit send to run affiliate promotions to your email list (that I’ll show you how to build!).

elite affiliate pro review bonuses

Email Traffic Academy

Follow Igor's lead as he shows you everything you need to know on how to generate highly responsive traffic for your business, on-demand.

elite affiliate pro review bonuses

Private High-Ticket Affiliate Offers & Webinar Rolodex

This rolodex is enough to get you started. At the time of writing this review, there were 32 hand-picked offers in the rolodex.

List Building Lifestyle Coaching Calls

Each week Igor has a coaching call where he dives deep into a topic related to making money online - list building, email marketing, copywriting, traffic generation, affiliate marketing, mindset, productively and so much more.

You can attend this calls live or you can watch the recordings which are typically uploaded to the members area the day after the call. And you have the ability to filter the calls based on topics.

Elite Affiliate Pro Coaching Calls

List Building Lifestyle Members Spotlight

These are live interviews with and case studies of members of Igor's List Building Lifestyle who have implemented the training and found varying degrees of success.

These are very useful as members discuss there challenges and how they've been able to overcome them.

Elite Affiliate Pro Member Spotlight

Is Elite Affiliate Pro Legit?

Elite Affiliate Pro is not a scam... it is totally legit. And here's why I'm saying this:

  • Igor Delivers on his promises

The Elite Affiliate Pro promises to teach you how to start earning serious affiliate commissions by promoting high-paying, high-converting offers. And that's exactly what the course does.

You also get immediate access to all 14 exclusive bonuses, which if used will eliminate a lot of hurdles and fast track your results.

  • The Training Is Good... Quite Good

The Elite Affiliate Pro course gives you a lot of relevant and actionable content, both within the course itself, as well as in the bonuses.

  • People Are Finding Success With the Training

As I mentioned in the opening of this review, Elite Affiliate Pro was an eye opener for me, as it directly to focus more on high paying affiliate offers, which has made a huge difference for me. 

But, other members are finding great success with the course. Check out some testimonials I found within the List Building Lifestyle Facebook Group.

Elite Affiliate Pro Testimonials
Elite Affiliate Pro Testimonials
Elite Affiliate Pro Testimonials

My Advice For Best Results With This Training

Having gone through the training myself, here's my advice for getting the best results with this training.....

  • Go Through ALL The Training Sessions
  • Go through the lessons in the order that they are presented... don't skip steps
  • After each session, TAKE ACTION (please)
  • Seek help... if you get stuck and need help, do not hesitate to get help... you can visit the List Building Lifestyle Club FB Group, send an email to support or just reach out to me.
  • Don't Let Shiny Object Syndrome Get The Better Of You

If you've never heard about Shiny Object Syndrome, it's the habit of chasing after the latest business opportunities, buying one product after another, hopping from one program to the next, then to the next...  but not really taking any consistent action or seeing any thing through to the end.

It's  sure recipe for information overload, confusion, frustration, overwhelm, buyers’ remorse… and you'll end up not actually making any money at all.

Here's a much better approach...

  1. Go through the entire course (whether it be Elite Affiliate Pro or any other course you've purchased)… follow and implement what’s being taught.
  2. Take consistent action... And stick with it even if you don’t see results right away.

You'll be in a much better position than if you go jumping around from program to program chasing the dream of "quick riches".

It is going to require some discipline and commitment on your part, but you'll be very happy you did in the coming months.

  • Use The Done-For-You Templates and Funnels Strategically

There are a lot of bonuses that come with Elite Affiliate Pro, including done-for-you emails, presell pages, campaigns and more. I highly recommend using them so that you get things set up faster, and therefore see faster results... Don't be surprised if you start earning high ticket affiliate commissions in a matter of weeks.

But, don't just use them blindly... in other words, don't just use them as is, but rather use them as inspiration and modify them so that your own unique character comes out.

My Special Offer To You

Igor offers a very generous bonus bundle with Elite Affiliate Pro. But to make it even more easier for you to find success, I'm offering my own personal additional bonuses.

Simply Contact me here after enrolling, and I'll send you these bonuses.

1-On-1 Email Consultation

elite affiliate pro bonus - email consultations

Because I'm truly interested in seeing you succeed at building your online income stream this year, I will personally coach and help you succeed once your inside the training... this is in addition to the training you'll be getting from Igor.

Join Elite Affiliate Pro today and I will personally help you along the way using the knowledge and experience I've acquired over the past 15 years as an internet marketer. I'll be able to guide you with your entrepreneurial mindset, building your presell pages, generating traffic, creating content and just about anything else related to affiliate marketing.

Basically, if you join with me, I will become your accountability partner. We can even get on a private call together.

Affiliate Marketing Action Plans

Elite Affiliate Pro My Bonuses

A collection of 20 Action Plans covering the most critical aspects of affiliate marketing... from picking the right products, to traffic generation, to building your email lists, to copywriting, to generating huge commission checks... and so much more. These action plans will make make affiliate marketing easier, faster & more profitable for you.

Elite Affiliate Pro Bonus Affiliate Action Plans

The Affiliate Marketing Essential Field Guides

Elite Affiliate Pro My Bonuses

A carefully curated collection of closely held tips, insights, shortcuts, checklists and strategies that show you what’s really working right now to generate more and bigger commissions with affiliate marketing!

  • Guide 1: The Guide to Affiliate Market Research - 17 Keys to Figuring Out What Your Audience Really Wants
  • Guide 2: The Guide to Selecting Profitable Products - 17 Questions to Ask When Deciding What to Promote
  • Guide 3: The Guide to Beating Your Competitors and Generating More Sales - 17 Ways to Add Value to an Affiliate Offer
  • Guide 4: The Guide to Better Conversions - 17 Best Practices and Tips for Improving Your Lead Pages
  • Guide 5: The Guide to Email Marketing - 17 Ways to Make Sure Your Subscribers Open and Read Your Emails
  • Guide 6: The Preselling Guide - 17 Tips, Tricks and Ideas for Selling More Affiliate Products
  • Guide 7: The Affiliate Advertising Guide - 17 Ways to Generate Highly Targeted Traffic
  • Guide 8: The Affiliate’s CTA Guide - 17 Call-To-Action Templates and Tips for Using Them
  • Guide 9: The Paid Advertising Guide - 17 Tips, Tricks and Hacks for Making the Most of Your Paid Advertising Campaigns
  • Guide 10: The Guide to Establishing Yourself as an Expert - 17 Proven Ways to Position Yourself as an Authority in Your Niche
  • Guide 11: The Affiliate Optimization Guide - 17 Ways to Optimize Your Site, Emails and Ad Campaigns to Maximize Response
  • Guide 12: The Affiliate Marketing Guide - 17 Of The Best Tips, Steps and Ideas for Boosting Your Affiliate Sales and Income

My Rolodex of Money-Saving Tools

This is my personal list of online business tools that are more cost-effective that those recommended within Elite Affiliate Pro. So, if you choose to use them, it would save you a bunch!

  • My absolute favourite WYSIWYG drag-and-drop page and funnel builder that costs just $19/month... and this includes the ability to do A/B split testing, create conversion-focused lead generation and opt-in forms, create fully customized online quizzes, create deadline countdown timers. Plus you'll get access to a library of several internet marketing courses.
  • A full-featured, easy to use, click and conversion tracker that which allows you up to 1000 clicks / month for free, which is great when you're just starting out.
  • A full-featured autoresponder that costs just $9/month for up to 1000 subscribers... and one that allows you up to 500 subscribers for free.

Final Analysis

  • Elite Affiliate Pro is a solid and extensive course on how to find high paying affiliate offers and create affiliate campaigns to successfully promote these offers.
  • The sale price of $997, which is  expensive, but a fair price given the quality of the content, and what it can help you achieve. If you'd like one of Igor's less expensive courses, you can check out the 301k Challenge Review.
  • If you want to learn how to build an affiliate marketing business online that focuses on high ticket (high paying) affiliate offers, then consider investing in Elite Affiliate Pro.

I hope you have found this review of Elite Affiliate Pro informative and insightful. If you need further clarification on any thing about the course, or you have any questions about anything I did or didn't cover, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment and I’ll response as soon as I can.

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