What “Super” Affiliates Do Differently

With affiliate marketing being such an easy online income business model, with the potential for high levels of profits, it shouldn’t be astonishing that there is a vast amount of people who sign up to become affiliates for affiliate programs.

Yet most affiliates aren’t making much money at all. The statistics suggests that the top 1 or 2% of affiliates generate approximately 90% of any affiliate programs earnings.

So then what contributes to the success of these *top* affiliates and the relative failure of the other affiliates?

The first reason is that they treat affiliate marketing as a business, which I covered in a previous lesson.

Let’s look at 2 other reasons…

Top affiliates spend about 80% of their time MARKETING

What do other affiliate do? They spend a significant amount of time doing other things, such as trying to perfect the look of their website, or … but at the end of the day, the activity that’s going to get you earning money is MARKETING!

Here’s a suggestion… Treat the affiliate product as your own product/services. Treat it as a real business…. and it would reward you as such.

Learn the various marketing techniques and strategies and IMPLEMENT them. If you are worried about being new to a particular technique and losing money on advertising, then initially, master the low cost and free methods.

Top affiliates build a mailing list of customers

A lot of affiliate marketers think the key to making sales is to add value to an offer, meaning you offer a special bonus to those who buy through your affiliate link. Sure, that’s part of a good strategy.

Here’s the #1 secret that super affiliates know which gets people lining up around the block to buy from them… People buy from those they know, like and trust. Build an email list of customers

Think about your own purchases and you’ll know it’s true. If you’ve spent a little more money for a product because you preferred to buy from someone you know, like and trust … then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Maybe you bought the name brand headache medicine because you don’t trust the generic. Same ingredients, same effect… and even though the name-brand cost a bit more, you still bought it.

Same goes for shoes, clothing, food, laundry detergent, cars, smart phones, books and everything else you buy. I’m sure there are plenty of times you’ve spent a bit more because you wanted to buy from a company or individual that you knew, liked and trusted.

Your prospects are the same way – they don’t necessarily buy something from you because you dangle an enticing bonus in their face. They buy because they know, like and trust you. You’ve engaged them and you’ve built a relationship with them.

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