The PWA Affiliate Marketing Training Program

The PWA platform was created by online entrepreneur Anthony Morrison. The core training is done via a series of online videos sessions that are presented by Anthony.

Here's what you get access to when you join the program:

  • The Online Video Training Sessions - step-by-step, day-by-day training about affiliate marketing and building an online business
  • The Commission Links Eco-system - a system built into the training that allows you to earn commissions on various products
  • PWA Facebook Group - an exclusive FB group for members of PWA.
  • Success Connection Weekly Webinars - weekly webinars that provide continuous up-to-date training that truly compliments the sessions in the platform.

Let's take a quick look at the Training Sessions and the Commission Links Ecosystem...

The Online Video Training Sessions

There are 30 training sessions, each consisting of a couple videos where Anthony walks to through the topics step-by-step.

Here's a quick outline of the topics covered in the 30 sessions, in the general order in which they are presented:

  • Welcome message and tour of the training area
  • Why people fail at affiliate marketing
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • What Is affiliate marketing
  • The Essential tools Needed for building an online business
  • The Profit Cycle Blueprint
  • Money Mindset & Management
  • The Commission Links Eco-System Explained
  • Setting up Your Profit Center Links
  • Creating Your Domain
  • Setting Up Your email address
  • Setting up your tracking (clicks and conversions) software
  • Setting up your autoresponder
  • Setting up your landing page & Funnel builder
  • Syncing your pages, autoresponder and tracking
  • Email marketing
  • Generating traffic quickly
  • Landing Page creation
  • Split Testing
  • Traffic Generation
  • Sales, Networking, Entrepreneurship
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Building Funnels
  • Facebook Marketing & Facebook Ads
  • Marketing Psychology
  • Marketing Networking & Masterminds
  • Funnel Analysis and Optimization
  • Leadership
  • Copywriting
The Commission Links Ecosystem

The Commission Links Ecosystem is what allows you to get paid commissions while you're learning to build your online business.

Let me break-down how this works...

  1. The training teaches you how to use what you're learning to promote PWA in the first instance, which is a program that already converts very well.
  2. Within the training, Anthony talks about the essential tools for building any online business, namely, software to build web-pages and funnels, email marketing software, and software to track clicks and conversions. These are tools that anyone wanting to building a business online would need.
  3. Each of these tools has an affiliate programs that pay lifetime recurring monthly commissions
  4. The ecosystem is set up so that when you promote PWA and someone signs-up for any of these tools through the platform, they'll be signing up through your affiliate link, so you earn commissions... that's pretty cool!

This means that you'll be earning commissions from multiple sources.. and you don't have to purchase any of these tools yourself to earn commissions from them.

Your Earning Potential With PWA

Let's now take a quick look at the ways you earn money from the PWA platform, and your potential revenue.

From the PWA Affiliate Program

The cost to join PWA is just $7/month or a one-time payment of $97... this is quite affordable, considering the amount of information within the training as well as the costs of other (often less superior) affiliate marketing and online business courses/training... this is probably why it converts so well (making it a good program to promote).

You'll earn 50% commission on PWA, so that's $3.50/month or $48.50 paid out to you.

From the Affiliate Programs of the Essential Business Building Tools

You can also get paid commissions from the business building tools recommended within the platform... and remember, these are passive recurring monthly commissions!

Business Building Tool

Your Affiliate Commissions

Webpage & Funnel Builder

$29.10 - $118.80 per month

Email Marketing Software

$4.95 - $32.67 per month

Link & Conversion Tracking Software

$5 - $25 per month

From the PWA Ambassador Affiliate Program

The Ambassador Program is an optional upsell within the PWA Platform that costs $1497 to join.

You get access to additional training sessions and a 1-on-1 call session with someone from Anthony's team.

More importantly, it "expands" your Commission Links Ecosystem by allowing you to earn 50% commissions on several of Anthony's other products, some of which pay up to $997 in affiliate commissions, and some of which pay recurring monthly commissions.

  • If someone purchases the Ambassador Program through your affiliate link you earn $748.50 in affiliate commission.
  • If someone purchases any of the other products that cost a one-time payment, you can earn between $33.50 to $997 in affiliate commissions.
  • If someone purchases any product that requires a monthly payment, you receive between $25.00 and $35.00 in monthly recurring affiliate commissions.

Are you seeing the tremendous value of PWA and the revenue potential for your online business?... Tremendous isn't it!

By simply promoting the PWA program, which costs just $7/month (and converts very well), you have the potential to earn one-off affiliate commissions as high as passive monthly recurring commissions from multiple sources

... all while learning valuable skills to build your online business.

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