The Action Plan For Affiliate Marketing Success

Having the right plan to follow vastly increases your chances of taking action and experiencing success.

This plan is about building a rewarding long-term sustainable business that generates monthly income for you online!

The 6-Step Time-Tested Proven Affiliate Marketing Plan

Step 1 - get Into The Right Mindset

A lot of people get into affiliate marketing with a half-hearted approach...


… they buy courses, but never really implement what they learn. 

… they promote a product one week, then do nothing for several weeks, then try again some other time...

If that that's going to be your approach, you might as well not bother trying.

You have to treat affiliate marketing as a real business… and it will reward you as such.

Another bad mindset that some people have is that they only think about making money which often leads to getting involved in unethical and unsustainable activities just to make money.

Here's what to do instead (trust me on this) - As an affiliate marketer, you are in the business of presenting solutions to people... solutions that solve their problems.

So, your job is to look at the problems people want to solve… find products that provide solutions to those problems and place it in front of your audience... you are not doing the selling; that would be done by the product owners.

The products and offers you promote must align with what your target market wants in order to get sales that result in commissions.

Step 2 - Pick Your Target Niche Market

A niche market is a group of people with similar interest in a particular topic. For example, people interested in learning about golf or learning about forex trading are niche markets.

How do you find a niche market that's right for you?

Many affiliate marketers succeed at promoting something they are interested in and/or have knowledge in.

Picking a niche you like will also make it easier to do research on the topic in question to improve your knowledge of the target market and the product offers. Evaluate what gets you excited, what you talk about often with others, etc.

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Step 3 - Research & Find Quality Products to Promote

Next up, you'll want to find affiliate products and offers to promote. 

No matter what niche you choose, there are going to be thousands of products that you can promote.

But, you've got to find quality products... and there are several way to do that.

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One quick tip when choosing a product to promote, is to look at the product's website, and ask yourself... does it look professional?

Also, don’t just go for the products with the largest commissions.

Step 4 - Create A website (and content) around your niche

The next step is to create your own asset... your website and/or blog.

A Few Quick Tips -

  1. choose a domain name that relates to the niche you’ve chosen and that's easy for visitors to remember.
  2. DO NOT compromise on selecting a good webhost - I use and recommend SiteGround.

  3. You will want to use WordPress to build your website… it’s free, very popular, easy to use and extremely versatile.

Next, you’ll need to add useful content to your site. There are three main types of content to provide on your site to convince people that an offer is worth their purchase through your affiliate link - Product reviews, How-To articles and Comparison articles.

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Step 5 - Create a lead capture mechanism

Email Marketing and Affiliate Marketing go hand in hand. In fact, most businesses online utilize email marketing... it's critical for long-term revenue.

Email marketing involves building a list of email subscribers and emailing them with content, building a relationship with them and promoting affiliate offers.

In order to build your list of subscribers, you have to create lead capture mechanism.

Click Here To Learn How To Create a Lead Marketing Mechanism.

You may also want to check out the free List Building As Easy As 1-2-3 course within the Classroom.

Step 6 - Get Traffic To Your Website

If you build a wonderful website, but nobody in your target market knows about it, then you are not going to make any money. You have to find ways to get visitors (aka traffic) to your site.

Even more important, is that you want to get targeted visitors - people that have a high interest.

There are numerous ways you can get traffic to your site, including:

  1. Setting up a blog and using content marketing and search engine optimization
  2. Setting up social media pages (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
  3. Creating videos and using sites like Vimeo and YouTube to distribute the videos
  4. Guest blogging
  5. Doing content swaps or ad swaps with other affiliate marketers in your niche
  6. Paying for ads using Facebook or Google AdWords.

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Next, I'll let you know how you can get started this week...

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