Setting Yourself Up for Success From Day 1

Affiliate marketers can generate some amazing wealth for themselves, but the first step is to take affiliate marketing seriously and treat it like a real business.

This mindset of commitment is crucial. Far too many people just ‘play’ at affiliate marketing like a hobby, then wonder why they aren’t making real money. The answer, of course, is that doing things ‘halfway’ only gets you "halfway" the results... and sometimes, no results. 

So, what does it mean to treat affiliate marketing like a real business? First of all, it means investing in both the knowledge and tools needed to building and run a successful online marketing business. I'll talk more about this in a subsequent lesson.

Secondly, once you've acquired the knowledge, you have to IMPLEMENT what you've learnt. I think this is where most aspiring affiliate marketers get stuck... they were excited about learning, but when it comes time to take action, they don't.

You see, people are lazy... people what the "push-button" results, where they push a button and the money comes rolling in. But when they realize that they have to actually do some work, many people get turned off.

Listen, this is what my experience and the experience of others that I've trained has shown me - there is going to be some initial resistance (perhaps because of our lazy nature as humans) to get over... it's something that everyone has to go through... but once you get passed that, it's a snowball effect, and you'll start generating commissions on a regular basis.

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