Common Mistakes Made By Affiliate Marketers

The ugly truth is many aspiring affiliate marketers fail. Why?, well it’s probably related to one of the following common mistakes.

I have personally made some of these mistakes, and I created this lesson with the hope that you wouldn't do the same.

People decide it’s too much work
People often get attracted to affiliate marketing because it promises the Internet Entrepreneur Lifestyle – you know, sit down with your computer at the beach and earn tons of cash. While affiliate marketing is a pathway to the internet entrepreneur lifestyle, it does require that you put in work. Once people realize that they need to actually work as an affiliate marketer, they start to get overwhelm.

They focus on too many things
Oh boy… I know this one all too well. After I received my first couple commission checks, I got really hyped about affiliate marketing… they weren’t much to talk about, but hey!

…and thought to myself… if I build much more website and product a few more products, I could making much more that I’m make now… yeah… let’s do it!

What actually happened was that my focus was all over the place and I was spreading myself thin. Coupled with that I started to dabble in other stuff other that affiliate marketing. As a result, instead of my commissions increasing, they started to dwindle. Sheesh!

This is where a lot beginners get themselves into a rut. They try to juggle all of this information at once, get overwhelmed by it and simply give up.

A better approach, especially when you’re now starting off, is to:

  1. Pick ONE niche market
  2. Pick ONE product from that market
  3. Use just that one niche product as your testing ground, in order to solidify your skills as an affiliate marketer.

 - Learn how to generate traffic on just one product
 - Learn how to capture subscribers to your opt-in list for just one product
 - Learn how to write advertisements and promotional copy for just one product
 - Learn how to track your advertising links and conversion rates for just that one product

....and THEN, you'll be able to turn around and apply that knowledge to additional products, in different niches. The key is to get some real results established in one place, and only then start building on that incrementally.

Experienced affiliate marketers do have the ability to promote several products, sometimes far afield from each other, at the same time. The reason they can do this is because they'd already learned and applied certain fundamental skills, and have developed a system for themselves which works to bring in sales consistently.

People promote products they don’t believe in
If you know that a product or service is poor, then don’t promote it! Perhaps you want to promote it because the commission is high.

But recommending a low quality product has a few possible consequences that you should consider:
If the customer does decide to make the purchase, you will get the commission… at least initially!... but it the customer is unsatisfied with the product and decides to return it, then the merchant will retract your commission.

Because the customer is left disappointed with a product that you recommended, you’ve left a bad taste in that’s person’s mouth as they say… and you’ve lost the chance of having that person as a repeat customer.

I highly advise that you try products out first before you promote them… it also helps with creating good product reviews.

They try to avoid spending money on the right resources.
When I first started off with affiliate marketing, I avoided spending money like the plague – I looked for the cheapest way to learn affiliate marketing, they lowest-costing web-hosting, free autoresponder, etc.

At the time, I guess the thought was, the less I spend on the tools I needed, the more profit I’d make… oh what a mistake that was… I ended up spending hours try to figure out a “work-around”, which really just got me frustrated.

Think of spending money on resources as an investment…. And it’s going to pay off in the long term or rather short term, because investing in the right tools allow you go get things done faster and simpler.

People treat their visitors like cash machines
Remember this… when people visit your website, they are not coming with the intention of spending money, but rather they are looking for a solution to a problem that they have.

You have to provide visitors with value, useful information… that way they will build trust in you and believe me the money will come.

People give up
After making the above mistakes, and consequently not making little or no money, aspiring affiliates get overwhelmed, discouraged, frustrated, and decide to stop trying… giving up is a sure-fire way to FAIL!

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