List Building As Easy As 1-2-3




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About "List Building As Easy As 1-2-3"

Building a mailing list is a very smart move as an affiliate marketer . And it's critical for generating long term revenue for your affiliate marketing business.

In this course you'll learn the 3 critical steps you need to take, if you want to build a big, responsive list of email subscribers.

List Building As Easy As 1-2-3

Create a Lead Magnet

This is what will get your prospect’s attention, as well as help you close sales on the backend.

Capture the Opt-In

A well-crafted opt-in page is the key to turning prospects into subscribers.

Choose a Traffic Source

If you want to build a big list, then you need to bring in as much targeted, high-quality traffic as you can.


A recap of the 3 steps and what you should do next.