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About "Affiliate Architects"

Comprehensive Course On How to Design and Build Affiliate Marketing Assets That Earn You Reliable and Sustainable Income Month after Month, For Years to Come.

Please note that Affiliate Architects is already underway with the current batch of students, and is therefore closed for enrollment at this time.

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Affiliate Architects 

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Affiliate Architects

Module 1 - Initiation

Welcome to Affiliate Architects! In this first module we'll cover some important affiliate marketing concepts, undertake some important ground work and get an overview of what's in store over the next couple months.


Affiliate Architects Welcome Message...

Affiliate Marketing Concepts

This lesson covers a few basic concepts of affiliate marketing.

A Useful Way to Look at Affiliate Marketing

Hurdles and Habits

Learn about the hurdles and habits that are likely to affect your success... and how to get over them.

Module 2 - Planning

Your Affiliate Marketing Action Plan

Here's an overview of the plan of action we're going to take over the coming months to set up your profitable affiliate marketing project.

Resources and Budget

A look at the tools, resources and budget needed to build your affiliate project. You'll also get my recommendations of the most cost-effective resources to keep your budget down.

Being Productive

Practices that will help ensure that when you sit down to work on building your affiliate marketing projects, you'd be productive.

Module 3 - Execution

Picking Your Niche

Learn how to select a niche market that best suits you.

Finding Profitable Affiliate Programs to Promote

An outline of how to find the most profitable affiliate products and programs to promote in your niche.

Researching Your Niche

Learn how to know and understand your target audience so that you create content that resonates with them, ultimately leading to greater profits.

Register Your Domain Name

Setting Up Your Web Hosting

Learn how to choose a good web hosting company and how set up web hosting for your website

Install WordPress On Your Domain

Configuring WordPress

Creating Your Standard Website Pages