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thrive university

There's a lot to learn in the world of online internet marketing... from creating websites to getting traffic to your website, to building a list of loyal subscribers, to creating effective content, to getting sales... it can seem overwhelming.

Over the years, as an affiliate marketer, I have spent quite a bit of money on training... more than I would like to admit 🙁 Some have benefited me, while others where a downright waste of my money.

There's one particular library of training courses that has helped me tremendously over the last year or so, and that's THRIVE UNIVERSITY.


Thrive University gives you access to a growing library of internet marketing guides, courses & webinars. You'll Learn how to create websites, landing pages and opt-in forms that are built for maximum conversions, from the ground up and get an inside view of extremely effective tactics and tools for growing any online business!

The training courses are done in video and/or text format, and there are about 25 course in the library at the time of writing this post.

Here's a quick snapshot of inside the library...

Thrive University

Thrive University Library of Internet Marketing Courses

Here are some of courses that I have found very useful:

  • How to Build an Information Product Library You Actually Own
  • SEO if You Don't Want to Learn SEO
  • Next Generation List Building Tactics
  • How to Set Up a Complete List Building Funnel
  • Landing Page Copywriting Course
  • How to Boost Your Next Affiliate Promotion
  • Headline Swipefile: The Shortcut to Writing Attention Grabbing Titles
  • Build a Conversion Focused Website From Scratch

Now let me try to answer a few questions you may have...

Who's behind Thrive University?

It's created by the good folks at ThriveThemes... they produce really really good WordPress themes and plugins that make building and running an online business faster and easier.... and more fun!

What makes their content so great?... what sets them apart?

  1. First things first... the caliber of content that you're getting in Thrive University for free, I've seen other sites charge a lot of money for similar content.
  2. The courses are always well organized and easy to follow.
  3. They provide in depth training on specific techniques and strategies that matter ... what I mean is that if you implement what you learn in the training, you are going to see a positive difference in your results.

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