Want to establish income online as an affiliate marketer, but  just can't seem to figure out how to make it all work?

Here's How To Start Making Serious Bank With Other People's Products, And Build A 5 Figure Monthly Income Online… GUARANTEED!

  • Proven, step-by-step program takes you from newbie to expert in 12 weeks
  • no Prior experience required - very beginner friendly
  • Discover how to start your online business on a shoe-string budget​
  • Master email list building and generating evergreen income - even if you're busy

Dear Friend,

Are you in the shoes of many aspiring affiliate marketers, who have the dream of earning a solid income online, but spend way too long trying to figure out how to earn an income online instead?
Yes, you have earned some commissions, and then weeks, months pass... and nothing!... It looked promising at first, until you feel whatever you do doesn't sustain for long.

"What the hell happened?" you asked yourself, looking back at the promising ideas and dreams you were once excited about.

You've spent thousands of your hard-earned money on training and tools, built a few websites, created affiliate promos, and even took some time and money to throw in some bonuses... But you just can't seem to break through...  You're earning pennies to the dollar.

Or maybe, you are so busy with work, family, and other commitments that you can’t seem to find the time to focus on your affiliate business.

If this sounds anything like you right now, then you owe it to yourself to read every letter on this page...

why do you need to listen to me?

I get it - I was also running around in the dark with the same problems as you are now.

I was once so frustrated and discouraged about not being able to really progress with affiliate marketing, or any way of making money online for that matter.

I have been an affiliate marketer since 2005. My interest back then was just to make some extra income on a part-time basis to supplement my salary. 

The first few years were hard.... I spent thousands of dollars on all sorts of training material - ebooks, audio and video courses, membership sites.. you name it

I've even paid people to personally coach me... turns out they were more interested in my money, more than they were interested in creating a success story!

Those years were filled with frustrations, disappointments, discouragements and struggle… I failed several times... 

But I did not give up... a few things keep me going:

I wanted so badly to live the "internet entrepreneur lifestyle"... to be able to not worry about my income, and to be able to have more time for recreation and family.

I was getting more and more fed-up of working in a job where I'm not happy, I was stressed, I didn't have control of my time... in fact, there were a few times my immediate boss made it clear that he's was in control of my time. 

I was working HARD, but was seeing the "bosses" getting richer and richer... there was day in particular, I remember quite vividly - it was during a period when the construction industry was on a slow-down, and a couple of weeks after the company had "let go" a few staff members because of "tough time"... I drove into the carpark at work and noticed about 5 brand new high-end vehicles... guess who they were for.

I was driven to not give up

The biggest change came when I decided to treat affiliate marketing as a real businessand started to take consistent action.

And from that, I meticulously went through all of the information I had bought, to get rid of the crap and noise, find the useful information, and put together an affiliate marketing plan that worked for me... this took me almost 2 years.

Only then, I noticed that things started to turn around... I made more money, and affiliate marketing become more like a stable income source for me.

You Need a System You Can Stick To For the Long-term!

If you've been trying to make money for all this while, but you haven't been successful, it's not your fault...

It's mostly because you've been only receiving noise, rather than solid actionable information. 

The problem is, up until now, there hasn't been training that addresses the fact that most aspiring affiliate marketers are also working a full time job....

Most of the time the training only sells the dream hard, without dealing with the frustration that overwhelm them.

The good news is all that changes for you right here and right now...


Commissions MasterClass!!

A 12 week step-by-step training on how to earn serious money online as an affiliate marketer, with only 1-3 hours per week out of your busy schedule...

Why Get This?

This is a training program that is specifically tailored to be effective, efficient and result-oriented on learning how to earn a significant income online!

If you want to make sure you have a REAL long-term business that earns you a solid income every week for years to come... this is for you!

A bold claim... But let me tell you why it’s true…

it's a Different Type of Affiliate Marketing Training!

In my years as an Engineer, I was responsible for developing material for training, and have personally taught numerous trainees. So why not use this knowledge and start a training program of my own?

But even at this point, I was a bit skeptical... Until a couple of my friends got interested and asked me to teach them what I learned... I thought to myself that this will be a good proving ground and went all in. 

For about 2-3 times per week, we got together after work for around 1-2 hours, and got cranking. They each had chosen a niche, registered domain names, built pages, found profitable products to promote and started creating content... 

A few weeks after, the checks started coming in.

That was all l needed - the knowledge that I have is legit! I instantly thought thought of developing my own brand of training geared towards helping people earn an income online with affiliate marketing, especially if they don't have much time with it. 

This is why I created Commissions MasterClass... a training program that breaks down highly sought-after information into bite-sized, week-by-week portions that helps you take action and help you actually start seeing results (FINALLY)!

Every week for 12 weeks you’ll get a new module that covers the following five (5) core topics:

  • ​Affiliate Marketing Strategies
  • ​Building A List and Marketing to Your Subscribers
  • ​Generating Traffic
  • Being Productive and Organized​
  • Creating Content

Here's A Peek at what you'll learn in this Program

  • 1
    The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Success Plan and Setting Yourself Up for Success from Day 1
  • 2
    Picking Your Market and Doing Market Research… Picking Your Affiliate Program(s)
  • 3
    A "Little-Known" Marketing Strategy That's So Simple, But Works Like A Charm
  • 4
    Picking a Domain Name, Getting the Right Web-hosting and Setting-up Your Website
  • 5
    How To Equip Yourself With An Arsenal Of Powerful, Time-Saving Affiliate Marketing Tools
  • 6
    Creating a Lead Magnet and a Conversion-Focused Lead-Capture Page
  • 7
    Setting up your email autoresponder and Creating Your email sequence
  • 8
    Setting up your Blog and Creating Corner-Stone Content Posts That Your Readers Would Love
  • 9
    Creating Your Highly Profitable Affiliate Sales Funnel
  • 10
    Highly Effective Copywriting Techniques and Templates for Affiliate Marketers
  • 11
    Productivity Techniques to Get Things Done Faster, Easier and Better
  • 12
    Free Traffic Method – Q/A Sites and Forums
  • 13
    Free Traffic Method – Social Media
  • 14
    Free Traffic Method - Joint Venture Traffic
  • 15
    Paid Traffic Method – Facebook Ads
  • 16
    Advanced Affiliate Marketing Techniques and Strategies of Super-Affiliates
  • 17
    How to Expand Your Affiliate Business and Explode Your Income

By the time you finish this training, you'll be armed with a system that earns you up to thousands of dollars week after week.

... Or if you're really serious, you'll be earning enough money weekly that you'll be able to leave your job!

I'm not done yet!... Enroll Today and Also Get...

BONUS#1: The Complete Set of Affiliate Marketing Action Plans ($67 Value)

A collection of 20 Affiliate Marketing Action Plans covering the most critical aspects Of affiliate marketing... from picking the right Products, To Driving Traffic, To Building Your Email Lists To Generating Huge Commission Checks!... And So Much More.

BONUS#2: Access to The Affiliate Marketing Resource Library ($197 Value)

A library of templates, cheat sheets, checklists, etc., including:

  • Promoting an Affiliate Product Checklist
  • The SEO Checklist
  • The Video Marketing Checklist
  • The Effective List-Building Checklist
  • The 7-Part Proven Email Follow-up Series Template
  • Product Review Template
  • + Much More...

BONUS#3: Review of Your Affiliate Marketing Funnel ($497 Value)

Upon completion of money making funnel, send me an email and I will review your finished marketing funnel in written format. This Bonus is yours FREE when you choose the full payment option.

This is the Best and Fastest Way to An Affiliate Marketing Business That Earns You A Full-time Income on Part-time Hours!

Affiliate marketing allows you to set up a business that continues to work for you on autopilot.

That means you’re setting yourself up to earn passive income. It's the foundation of the Internet Marketing Lifestyle!

And it's more within your reach TODAY that it has ever been.

It's about much more than just making money... it's about creating a success story and improving your quality of life.

If you've been fighting an uphill battle in building an affiliate marketing business, this is where you make it happen, and make it big, starting TODAY.

If you're ready to do something about it NOW, and you feel you belong in this program, take the first step by clicking the button below!

You Don't Have to Say Yes.... Just a Maybe Will Do...

             30-DAY 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

When you purchase the Commissions Masterclass Training Program you can test drive it for a full 30 days risk-free. If it doesn't meet your strict expectations, contact me and let me know why. I'll refund your full purchase.. You have absolutely nothing to loose.

how much does this training cost?

Let me ask you a question first - what is something worth to you when it lets you finally achieve the quality lifestyle that you desire and deserve?

A lifestyle of freedom, less stress, and being more in control of your financial circumstances? Is it better than your current lifestyle?

I know a lifestyle like this is worth a lot to you. Maybe you’re thinking this course will cost well over $1000.

After all, you’ve seen similar courses go for that price, right? And they won't even have a fraction of the information as you’ll find inside this training.

So what price I'm going to put on it? $2000, $3000, $5000 even?

I can, because that is what I feel the information contained is worth. But I'm more interested in helping you build a successful business, and getting the satisfaction of creating a success story.

So no, you're not going to pay anywhere near that amount.

In fact, if you act now, I’ll waive the monthly fees and you can get this course for a one-time investment of just...

Ready To Get Started Today... 100% Risk Free for 30 Days

Select Your Payment Plan...

You’ll get instant access to the first issue and all bonuses as soon as your order is complete. You’ll receive a new module, complete with exercises each week over the next 12 weeks. 

William Shepards

See you in the training,
William Shepards
You can feign insanity and  continue doing the same thing for the next 5-10 years, getting the same results...

Or you can start getting actual results that allow you to build your wealth and start living the life you want, not get your time dictated by your boss, like I used to.

Don’t forget your purchase is protected by my 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you're not satisfied with this, hit me up an tell me why, and you'll get your money back.

Frequently asked Questions...

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Why is the product being delivered on a week by week basis rather than all at once?

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