I am thankful to have you as a valued member of this training program and look forward to seeing you earn significant affiliate commissions over the next coming weeks.

It's going to be fun!.... and profitable!

The link to download the first training module should have already been sent to your email via the 3rd party delivery system SendOwl.

But before we begin with the training, I need to mention a few important things to you…

If You’re an Absolute Newbie to Affiliate Marketing
If you are an absolute newbie to affiliate marketing, I recommend that you first go through the Affiliate Marketing Building Blocks Course, which you can access via the following link:

Affiliate Marketing Building Blocks

This course covers the basics of affiliate marketing, but more importantly allows you to start up on a solid foundation.

Access to Your Bonus Materials
You can access the advertised bonuses here...

BONUS#1: The Complete Set of Affiliate Marketing Action Plans ($67 Value)
A collection of 20 Affiliate Marketing Action Plans covering the most critical aspects Of affiliate marketing... from picking the right Products, To Driving Traffic, To Building Your Email Lists To Generating Huge Commission Checks!... And Much More.

BONUS#2: Access to The Affiliate Marketing Resource Library ($197 Value)
A growing library of templates, cheat sheets, checklists, etc.

Coming Soon...
I'm putting the finishing touches on this library... will be available in a couple weeks.

BONUS#3: Personal Review of Your Marketing Funnel ($497 Value)
Because you  chose the full  payment option, you have access to this bonus.

Simply send me an email at williamshepardscoaching@gmail.com with the subject line [COMMISSIONS MASTERCLASS REVIEW]... In the email include the links to all the pages you want reviewed. Please allow about a week for my review and response.

Other Time Released Bonus Materials
As an active member of this training program, you’ll automatically receive FREE Bonus materials ever so often. This will appear in your inbox at unspecified intervals and will include accessories and training materials to further streamline your affiliate marketing, leading to greater profits for you.

If You Decide to Cancel
Notwithstanding the above, there is an even more important reason that I must notify you about from the start. Each of the lessons is sequential and delivered by autoresponder. This means that if you decide to cancel and then decide to re-join at some point in the future, you will have to start all over again with the very first lesson.

You would not be able to “pick up from where you left off”. I highly recommend and encourage you to stick with this training for its entire duration… you’ll be extremely grateful in the end.


Have Some Patience
At the start of your journey, you are going to find yourself working the hardest and earning the least. Don't worry. It is important to remember, that it takes hard work to be successful on the internet and success does not come overnight. Stick with your efforts and those big checks that you dream of will come.

Take Action!
It has been suggested that statistics indicated that the top 1% or 2% of affiliates generate approximately 90% of any affiliate programs revenue.

So then what contributes to the success of these *top* affiliates and the relative failure of the other affiliates?

One of the main reasons is that top affiliates TAKE ACTION... They spend about 80% of their time MARKETING the affiliate programs.

Learn the various marketing techniques and strategies and IMPLEMENT them. No action means no results.

Don't Wait for Perfection
Don't wait until you think that everything is perfect before you, for example, start to promote a product. There will never be a perfect time. Start as soon as possible....things would fall into place eventually.

Always Keep Yourself MOTIVATED

The experience of working hard and not seeing the desired results immediately can be discouraging. You have to keep yourself enthusiastic and excited about your venture. Don't allow little problems upset you and don't let the negative attitudes of others to affect you. Also, you must treat your online business seriously...and it would reward you accordingly.

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