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Domain Registration

Registering a domain name is very easy and isn't costly. When creating affiliate websites, it is preferable (but not absolutely necessary) to have a domain name which includes keywords related to your niche. As such, one of the first steps should be to do some keyword research.

Once you have the keywords you'll like to include in the domain and have come up with a list of possible names, head over to a domain registrar and such to see if the name(s) are available. The domain registrar I use is Aplus.net... I have been using them from the very beginning and I have never had any problems.

When you find a domain that you like and that is available, it's then simply a matter to purchasing the domain name. It is preferable to have a ".com" domain name, rather than a ".net" or a ".info" for example.

Many domain registrars also offer the service to host your domain. I recommend going with a separate hosting company. This is based on listening and reading about other people's experiences. And I highly recommend using Hostgator. To find out why I recommend them so highly,  you can read my hostgator review.



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