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Picking A Niche In Affiliate Marketing (a short guide)

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Many would-be affiliate marketers get stuck at the step of picking a niche. They believe that if the wrong niche is picked, then they would never experience success.

You have to get pass this stage and move on to the other affiliate marketing steps. Here are my suggestions

One of the first things I would recommend that you do is start thinking about your interests/passions... and go into an internet business that is based on that. Why? Because it makes the work a lot easier.

Answering the following questions should help you develop ideas:

1) what websites do you visit when you're just surfing online?
2) do you have pets?
3) do you play and sports?
4) do you collect anything?
5) do you have any specialized education?

See what I mean?

After that, you've got to decide the business model that you want to use - do you want to develop you own product or do you want to be an affiliate marketer (market other peoples products)?

Then you've got to learn basic skills such as building and uploading websites, setting up autoresponders, setting up a merchant account to take orders, etc.


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