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5 Simple Steps To Improve Your Affiliate Marketing Offers

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As affiliate marketers, we're fortunate in that we don't have as many 'Achilles heels'  as the merchants who own and deliver the products we promote for them.  Both our investments and our risks tend to be lower. 

However, we do have one significant 'weak' spot, and that's in how far we can go in improving 'the offer'. There are certain things we simply can't do. For example, we don't have the authority to offer discounts or deliver upgrades.

But, this 'weakness' doesn't mean we're stuck with 'weak offers'!   In fact, I can think of at least 5 ways to improve any offer, and really send our sales soaring:

1. Increase The PERCEPTION of Value

The real value of any product is always in the customer's mind, and you can increase that perception in dozens of ways.  For example, you guide the customer through a comparison of similar products, while pointing out why the one you're promoting is really the best deal for the money.

2. Demonstrate the Immediate Benefits

Show the customer how they can put the product to use from the moment they buy it. You should already own your own copy of most of the products you promote. So, create a tutorial or some way of showcasing the results you've gotten from the product.

3. Give More of Yourself On a Personal Level

Similar to Step 2 – There's always added value in social proof. Discuss your own experience surrounding the questions, problems and ultimate solutions in regards to the product at hand. Empathize with the customer's position and point out the things you share in common.

4. Put Them At Ease

Your relationship to the merchant should enable you to give the customer a sense of security in making the purchase. Let them know about the product's guarantee and/or refund policy. Let them know the transaction is secure. You want to remove as much of the risk as possible from the purchase.

5. Provide Additional Incentives

Check with the merchant first to make sure you're allowed to do this. Its usually no problem when you're promoting things like e-books, membership sites, etc.. You can really sweeten up an offer when you add your own products to the mix. e.g., “order this e-book, and I'll throw in a free copy of this other product over here..”

So, you see, all it takes is a little creativity to add value to any affiliate offer. Use the 5 steps and you may even blow the merchant's offer clear out of the water!


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Source: Ewen Chia



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